Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Aedan Talk and a Wee Update

- Ol lips (olives)

- hey dude!

- mmmm.... good! (he kind of tries to say this in a manly low voice)

- uh oh down (upside down)

- monkey game (yeti sports he plays with dad)

- bear leaping (bear sleeping)

- bye bye dorty (bye bye Dorothy, his great aunt)

- Dale Dale Ranna Ranna! (his uncle and aunt have somehow managed to become a chant)

- uh oh potty. toilet! I get it!

I mentioned last week that Aedan was showing interest in potty training. He is doing pretty good so far! He got sick last weekend and I am finding that it is setting us back a little with the potty training - he actually seemed upset with himself when he forgot to tell me he needed to go today. I don't know if it is because we are starting this early or if it is just him but he sure gets bored sitting on the toilet and I have found the only way to get him to stay is to whip out some books.

I am very grateful that he enjoys books though! By far his favorites have been:

I thought this picture had some good ideas of ways to use this book. We have some of those magnet letters and maybe I should use them when reciting this book (yes it has come to that, I can recite the whole book from memory) He loves rhythmic sounds and this book is almost like an alphabet jam session to him.

He can stare at this book for so long! I totally remember Richard Scary books from my younger years and I remember being able to look and look at them for ages. So detailed and it really gets the imagination going.

This book totally describes his point of view and he totally sympathizes with his friend David who is told no for everything that he does... I think he also picked up running around in the buff from his friend David.... Aedan even wants to give me a hug at the end when his mom gives him a hug.

This book along with other Jennifer Ward books can be sung to the tune Over in the Meadow that I remember my dad singing to me when I was little but if you don't know the tune they have the music in the back that you can pick out the melody from. But as an added bonus, there are hidden numbers throughout the book and he loves to look for them. This one is a current favorite for the numbers and the bugs.

Another rhythmic book and he loves the instruments. If I don't read it with some pizzazz he gives me a weird look.


  1. Technically, he says munkeeeeys, and not monkey game.

  2. Wow- I love kid book suggestions! These all look so fun. Oh and I'm proud of you for planning dinners- and trust me, I stray all the time.

  3. I am amazed at his potty training developments. Gigi does not care much for the potty :( Today we went out and got a little potty just for her, so hopefully that will help. Way to go Aedan!! I love most of the books that you mentioned, but I am very surprised by the David book. David looks so scary! Maybe I shouldn't jude that book by its cover huh?

  4. My boys love both "chicka chicka boom boom" and "no no david". Both great books. Good job on the potty training thing. When you're done, you can come train my Aiden!

  5. David is a little strange looking - definitely a face only a mother could love ;) But Aedan thinks he is a hoot - they have so much in common. Maybe it is just a boy thing.

  6. And just in case you were confused, Bethany, I was referring to the book David not your hubby...

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  8. Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb was my all-time favorite book as a toddler. My dad had it memorized and could "read" it to me while he was half-asleep. My parents bought a copy for us and a copy to keep at there house and now Squirrel is following in her mama's footsteps. Fun book--I still love it!


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