Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Grime Time

Spring cleaning has begun and I am already excited for it to be over. I've never been much of a Spring cleaner but last year I came to realize the value of it when an army of ants decided to invade our kitchen. Last weekend we began Phase #1 - dust and walls. I actually like dusting but when it has accumulated for who knows how long, it tends to get somewhat glued onto the surface and it is tough business getting off. Now maybe you are frequent dusters so you haven't experienced this. I recently became a huge fan of those Magic Erasers and our walls are looking like they've had a new coat of paint.

Well, I tested the limits of those fancy white sponges and I am pleasantly surprised (ps. the no-name brand works just as well). They take off stubborn stains off my countertop AND they also got off the grimy dust filth off of our ceiling fan unlike the scrubber that just pushed the gooey dust around. I'm sure if I had the patience to brilo pad everything, I wouldn't have to buy into as many erasers, but I tell you what, the Magic Eraser removed all of the above with minimal effort and minimal abrasiveness so I don't see scars on my countertop or fan (not that I look that closely). So there! A triumphant beginning to Phase #1. Eat that flylady!
And FYI, Phase #2 - Refrig/Freezer, inside of kitchen cupboards, oven, Phase #3 - car, Phase #4 - my spot of a front and backyard. I am dreading #2. I might switch it to #4. These I have to work into my daily chore schedule so we will see if my Spring cleaning doesn't go into Summer cleaning. (If you can't tell from all this, I am very much a person who relies on lists.)

Wish me luck and toss some cleaning miracle tips my way if you get the chance!


  1. Cute new blog design, Jackie! I love the pictures :) When you're done with your house, can you come visit mine? I promise we'll buy all the magic erasers your little heart desires!

  2. Love the new blog! I am impressed that you have a daily chore list- I have made a gazillion of them, but end up ignoring them all. Do you want to come over and do my house next?

  3. Cleaning and I have a love/hate relationship. I hate doing it for a week or so, then I get into a massive cleaning mood and scrub my house from top to bottom (a week long process). This is pretty much a monthly cycle (humm, I wonder if there is any correlation LOL)
    I love the new design.


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