Monday, March 31, 2008

Just Another April Foolio

I wasn't a huge prankster back in the day - in part due to my lack of rebel traits and in part due to the fact that I just can't keep a straight face long enough to pull off a prank. The closest I came to pulling off a daring prank was my senior year at BYU where me and a bunch of my geology buddies were up late for a study group on campus. We were playing with the overhead projector and thought it'd be funny to project the batman signal on the adjacent building next to us and watch people walk by. It worked pretty good and we got a lot of cheers from people below. We left it up overnite in hopes of making the police beat news but we never did.

This has nothing to do with the post but it makes me laugh. He wanted sunglasses like daddy and he thinks he is pretty cool stuff now.

I sure was surrounded by pranksters though. I knew a guy that actually did make it on the police beat because he let loose a bunch of live chickens, filled the toilets and sinks with water and goldfish, and spread hay all along an entire floor in Deseret Towers (student housing at BYU).

My favorite all-time April Fools prank was pulled off splendidly by my former roomie, and just in case she would rather not be known, I will refer to her as M. We had another roomate, E, who at that time fell into the more gullable category (love you E!). E had a huge wardrobe, in part because she was able to fit into the same clothes she wore in jr. high and also because she was the baby of her family and had loads of hand-me-downs (all nice, mind you). The night before April Fools day, M stayed up sewing shut one sleeve of every coat and jacket she owned with the idea that she would try to wear one the following morning as it was supposed to rain. I think she also sewed shut one pant leg of a random selection of pants too. The next morning, E gets ready to go, and we hear this, "hey.... Hey! What is this?! Oh... very funny guys..." and she then proceeds to undo the stitches. That evening she kept commenting, "How did you know I was going to wear that exact coat?" and we just kept straight faces until the next morning, when sure enough she goes to put on a different coat we hear her yell, "hey... M!" It was great because she was still finding clothes like that even months later.

Well, maybe that isn't the most brilliant prank - maybe you had to be there.


  1. I actually think I saw your batman signal... very funny.

  2. Really? What a small world...

  3. My favorite april fool's joke was played on me by NPR a few years ago when they posted a story on some company working on projecting logos onto the moon. I was ABSOLUTELY horrified that such a thing could even be considered (forgetting that it was April 1st of course) and it took me weeks to realize I'd been had. Hah!

  4. Haha!!! That was an AWESOME April Fools joke! Good ol' M!!! Got to love her...and you've got to love E for taking it well, with only a few minor complaints. Yay Apt. 18!!!


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