Friday, March 28, 2008

"Listen..., you smell something?"

Around the time we got engaged (has it really been five years?), we sat down and went through what DVDs and VHS tapes we owned and I seem to think that between us we had 50+ with only maybe 2 overlaps. I am not sure how many we have now but it has got to be over 200. I don't know, does that sound like a lot?

But before I get around to the focus of this post, allow me to go back to my previous celebrity look-alike post because I forgot a very important celeb look alike for Neal - Gene Wilder. Looking at this makes me wonder if I have THE idea for Halloween this year... hhmmm... they are both giving me the look that says, "do you really want to post this picture of me?" Sorry boys.

Ok thanks for indulging me. On with the post...

It's movie time! When I was attending BYU we (as in me and my pal Melissa) put together an 80s movie nite club where once a week we would choose an 80s movie to watch, try to come up with some snack food that had something to do with what we were watching, and we would gather together and watch. We had a pretty good running. Actually I think some were not technically 80s movies but they sure felt like it. You know how TBS does those dinner and a movie specials? We wanted to be like that although a lot of the food we made wasn't exactly tasty. Sometimes we would try to make something that was actually eaten in the movie (yikes and double yikes) and those provided some fond heart-burn memories. So off the top of my head, these are the ones we watched and the food ideas we had or just weird memories I have. Who knows, maybe some of you are desperate for weekend date ideas...

  • The Burbs - sardines on pretzels (that creepy kid in the Lederhosen remember?)
  • Ghostbusters - roasted marshmallows and I believe someone brought a tub of Gak for Slimer (also where I got the title of this post)
  • Condor Man - this is a must see, that boat within a car within a car thing was trippin
  • Better Off Dead - green pudding with raisins (it's got raisins in it. you like raisins)
  • Big Trouble in Little China - something Chinese
  • Crocodile Dundee - I wonder if we made some sort of roadkillish food or if we just settled for jerky.
  • Indiana Jones - this was for our Febtoberfest spectacular and we tried to have lots of German food (we were really stretching it)
  • Goonies - Baby Ruths, Rocky Road ice cream...
  • Karate Kid - I think we tried eating m&ms with chopsticks (sorry no flies)
  • Labyrinth - David Bowie and muppets. We had peaches (do you remember the poisoned peach?)
  • Legend - ok whenever I watch this movie it reminds me of how I feel after taking NyQuil...
  • UHF - twinkie weiner sandwiches were a must here and apparently it has a cult-like following now
  • Cool As Ice - wow, I guess Vanilla Ice was not cut out for acting either...
  • The Lady In White - weird kids, ghosts, loving family members who want to strangle the weird kids,.... it's a wonder my parents let me watch this one as a kid. This one is a halloween candy movie.
  • The Monster Squad - your heart just goes out to Frankenstein. Why are there so many Halloweenish type 80s movies?
  • Masters of the Universe - wasn't it ribs that they ate? Yay for HeMan (very little dialogue for him, they probably just wanted him for the muscle) but I'm sure the guys are crying because SheRa doesn't costar.
  • Ladyhawke - all I remember was that there was some serious synthesizer action in this one.
  • Strange Brew - beer (the root flavored as we were a no alcohol group), and we popped some corn, had donuts. I don't know why this one was so funny. Gotta love Canadians.
  • Uncle Buck - remember the large pancake he flipped with a shovel?...
  • Transformers, The Movie - I fell asleep in this one and was rudely awakened by some autobots spouting off cuss words.
  • Short Circuit, Spinal Tap, Spaceballs, Teen Wolf, Ferris Bueller's Day Off- I can't remember what we did on these..
  • I'm sure there are others but isn't this list making me look pathetic enough?


  1. so, neal would be gene, aeden would be the oompa-loompa, and you would be . . .

    that is honestly the BEST celebrity look-a-like we have EVER seen. how did we not pick up on this earlier?

  2. Maybe I should put my costume to a vote... I could go as the blueberry girl, or maybe a wonka bar, or maybe just an everlasting gobstopper...
    I am still amazed to see these two pictures side-by-side... I'm glad his personality is very different from Gene's though

  3. Are you sure his personality is different? I think Neal has many similarities to Gene, or perhaps it is similarities to Willie Wonka! J/K

  4. Sorry, that last comment wasn't supposed to me anonymous, it was from Lani

  5. I was under the impression that Gene Wilder was quite a bit self-centered but maybe I am thinking of someone else. Or maybe that is what you were hinting at Lani? ;) Maybe you should have stayed anonymous! tee hee hee


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