Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Super Times!

Earlier this week we found out that Neal's brother and his family were going to deliver their baby a little earlier than planned due to some problems the baby was having. The only family available to come help with kids was Neal's mom. Neal's mom serves in the St. Louis LDS temple and as such she can't be away for too long. So I offered to accompany her on her trek out to South Carolina with Aedan in tow to help the family out for as long as they needed us. We drove out on Monday and they had the baby on Tuesday. When I get pictures I will post them with all the baby info but we have not had a chance to see the baby yet as he is currently in the NICU. Things are going well here and Aedan is loving all of the cousins and their toys.

We had a fun rest stop on our way out here though. I never knew there was a Metropolis, Illinois, but when they advertised a "Giant Superman, next exit!" we were sold. It was a small town - probably not what Superman's Metropolis would have been like - and if you plan to go, go before 5pm because the Superman museum and gift shop closes by then (we missed what could have been a fabulous experience I am sure).

" Truth - Justice - The American Way" Yes folks, Superman's way is the American Way... minus the tights and cape.

Aedan as Superman (kind of looks like a shrunken head) and Jackie as Super Girl. I am little fuzzy on the details of why she is not Super Woman. Super Girl looks like she could use a touch up paint job though...


  1. I wondered where you guys were! I kept trying to bring your tupperware back and the car was never there! Have fun on your unexpected trip- I hope the baby is ok.

  2. Tell those other Kitchens congratulations again from us! And we hope all is well with the new baby. Praying for a short stay in the NICU.

    What is it with these people that keep having babies?!?

  3. I loved the pics! Have fun in SC with all those cousins!

  4. I'm glad the baby is doing okay! What great pics . . . But isn't that skirt a bit short? :)


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