Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daddy's Boy

Today I was thinking that I'm so grateful that Neal is Aedan's daddy. There was no particular reason or event that happened today that made me think this, just one of those thoughts that pop up, probably not as often as they should. Life isn't easy for Neal and I sure appreciate his hard work he puts into his school, his church calling (which currently he is leading the Primary children in song this summer), and his family.

Earlier today Aedan grabbed a toy phone and put it up to his ear and said, "Hi, Neal. Talk to you later. Bye!" and then handed me the phone. He must hear that a lot.

Aedan gets very excited when I tell him he looks like daddy. I use this compliment to get him to wear his tie, or any shirt that doesn't have Thomas the Train or Elmo on it, or maybe a baseball cap. That is how I got him to enjoy wearing this hat to one of Neal's baseball games a few weeks ago.

Some friends of ours gave us a fun idea - we had Aedan ride the bus with Neal all the way to school and I drove to pick him up and took him to a toddler story time at the library afterwards. The story time is a regular thing but this was his first time on "daddy's bus". They waited at the bus stop...

... and hopped on the bus. I picked him up 20 minutes later and really, the ride didn't seem to phase him. Maybe next week he will be a little more animated about the whole thing.

Thank you Neal for being the greatest daddy we could ever hope for! We love you!


  1. um, how do you express blushing in a comment box? thanks for the kind words! I'm just glad for the chance to be a daddy. :)

  2. It's so sweet how much our kids love their dads. I'm surprised that Aedan didn't like the bus ride more.


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