Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birthday Wishes to a Terrific Toddler!

Happy Birthday to my little boy Aedan!  He turned two today and what a fun two years it has been!  I love everything about this kid - he loves music and he must have music running through his head at all times because he will break out in dance at random moments like on a walk, playing toys, riding in the grocery cart. 

I am loving the fact that he is a talker and his latest Aedan Talk quotes are "Oh, Man!", "Stop sign, ocadon!", and "strawbadiddies" (strawberries).  He cheers me up by saying that I'm "cute!" and likes to look at our wedding pics and say "mommie pretty dress". 

I love that his cheeks bounce a little when he struts his stuff - his face is still holding onto the baby chub.  I love that he likes to point out every construction crane, mail truck, ambulance, or "de-de-drums" (big tv station satellite dishes) when we drive around town. 

I love it when he falls down and instead of crying he jumps up and says "Try again!"  I love how he loves to help water the plants, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and cook the food and I hope he continues to do so ;) 

I love how he measures the value or size of something by either calling them "baby" or "daddy" (daddy is good, baby is not so good) and if it is something really cool or really big, it is a "grandpa" (nothing to do with the size of grandpas or daddies but in his mind there is a system to who trumps who). 

I love how when he is done with a certain conversation he exclaims, "The end!"  I love how he says "boop boop!" when he plays with his trains. 

I love how he is starting to improvise in his singing - you never know when Thomas will make it into the middle of I Love to See the Temple.  I love how he likes to cuddle and I don't even want to think about how much I will miss it when he eventually stops. 

I love how he shows off to his friends and family - it is like a sugar rush without the sugar!  I love the way he surprises me everyday!

I love love love him and am glad he is my boy and my buddy.  Happy Birthday little man!


  1. Happy Birthday Aedan!!! Wow. Two already!

  2. June is a busy month for your family! I loved the Wii story (Davis is so hard to shop for as well). Aeden sounds like such a fun little boy. I love how he's always dancing. My girls never dance - maybe I should put them in classes or something so they learn!

  3. Happy Birthday, Aedan!! Could he be any cuter??? What a sweet post about your baby boy :)

  4. AnonymousJune 30, 2008

    Happy Birthday Aedan!! I loved this post - this will be a great treasure for Aedan in the years to come. You are so creative in finding ways to honor the people you love!

  5. Happy b-day Aedan! I have another two-year-old Aiden here that would LOVE to play with you! Just tell your mom & dad that you need to come out to Utah & visit sometime soon!


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