Friday, June 20, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Aedan's newest uncle J! Aedan want to be part of their rock band I think... Here is a pic of Aedan, cousin K who moved to NZ today, aunt C, and birthday boy uncle J on their wedding day in February. We even got the cousins in matching outfits for that day, it was great.

Aedan was to be the ringbearer to present the ring tied on a pillow to uncle J. As he started walking he dropped the pillow (Ooooo said the crowd), I picked it up and tried to get him to keep walking. Aedan got distracted by an outdoor heater and started walking towards it so I tried steering him back on course (Ha ha said the crowd). He got mad at me and threw the ring pillow down again (Ooooo said the crowd again). Arrggghhh. So embarrassing. Maybe we should have done what my sister wanted and had the dog bring the rings forward - at least he wouldn't have thrown a fit in public... I guess this is just Aedan's way of saying "Welcome to the family!"


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