Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sage to Soot

I must apologize to Neal upfront - you know I just have to post this honey. Someday we will laugh at this.

I am playing catch up on posting things from this past week. To set the stage, imagine last Wednesday, I had taken off for the afternoon to map out an orienteering course for a scout campout and Neal was home with Aedan. I come home tired and ready to see my boys. The following is how I remember the conversation going:

Neal: Honey, something bad happened.

Me: (A million things race through my mind) Ummm... ok?

Neal: I thought I'd better tell you before Aedan does...

Me: Yes?...

Neal: As I was cleaning out the shed in the backyard, Aedan tossed a bottle of lighter fluid onto the patio and shattered it, leaving a big puddle.

Me: Oh no!

Neal: And I didn't know what would be the best way to clean it up. I thought I could either let it evaporate some but there was so much. So I decided to burn it up.

Me: Ummm...

Neal: I didn't think the fire would be so big! I was afraid the house was going to burn down! I wasn't thinking! I had to put it out with the broom - I couldn't stomp it because I was barefoot. I'm sorry. It just got way out of control - the flames were at least 10 feet high but it didn't catch anything on fire. I kept Aedan inside.

Aedan: Burn Burn! Da ring of fire!

I later took a good look at the backyard...

And this isn't even half of it. After seeing this I was literally in shock for a few minutes. I just didn't know what to do with myself! My precious herbs! My petite flowers! Reduced to cinders...

Neal said that if I had been there I would have been really mad. I suppose at this point I'm not so much mad as I am still in shock at what happened. Had I been there I'm sure I wouldn't have stopped to take a picture but this is what I imagined it to be like in my mind...

Roasting hot dogs and all...

Boys will play while the momma's away. I suppose I should be glad they are safe... I still can't believe it.


  1. I am laughing so hard! It sounds like something I would do. :) Glad the house didn't burn down.

  2. Again, Neal didn't throw a match on it because he "didn't know how to clean it up." He did it for the same reason I (or any other self respecting man) would have: Fire = awesome.

  3. Wow! Now I would have paid to see that, but I'm sorry about your beautiful plants :(

  4. I sure am glad there's a whole parking lot separating us!!! Totally sounds like something Matt would have done. Ah- husbands. Not always the most rational creatures, but you have to love them anyway!!!

  5. How sad about your plants. At least Neal confessed on his mistake. I don't know what Bruce would have done. He probably would have enjoyed lighting it on fire as well.

  6. Oh wow. I'm still giggling about it. Really sorry about your plants. Really glad that no one got hurt. Really glad you have this story to tell for years to come. And really glad you posted that hot-dog-roasting picture!

  7. That is such an awesome story! It really is too funny to not share. You know I do remember smelling something burning last week...lol.
    Poor Neal :(

  8. I really liked that marshmallow roasting picture you posted! Too funny. I would have been really sad about losing that beautiful herb garden, though. Could you save anything?

  9. UPDATE: these pics were taken the day after the 'incident' when they were still fightin to stay alive. There are several flowers who've given up the ghost since then however the herbs are barely hanging in there. I've started cutting away dead spots so we will see if that helps.

  10. Holy cow, that is awesome! Funniest post I've read in quite some time....that kid has been prematurely introduced to advanced boy fun before he was mature enough to comprehend the impact... I anticipate he will give you some advanced fire passions "unbridled" and who knows.... buy good fire insurance now, on everything you own and move away from all neighbors before it is too late.

  11. So glad you shared that story!! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. That's one of those stories that you just wish you could be watching from the sideline somewhere! So so funny!!

  12. Okay, that is so much something that Ben would do! When we were engaged, he managed to set himself on fire (very uncool, IMHO). Sorry your sage is toast, happy your loved ones are okay. :)

  13. Hahahahaha!! That reminds me of the story of Elder Burke when he almost burned down the old chapel in Quiriza with gasoline (as they were trying to get the generator going). Didn't we all learn to not play with fire as kids? Sounds like I'm not the only one that hasn't quite figured that one out yet.


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