Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wii Love Daddy!

I forgot to tell you about how Father's Day went down in our home. Aside from the various pie pieces he ate during church, Neal got a St Louis Cardinals neck tie that is subtle and classy (thanks to his mom for finding it for me). Aedan wrapped the tie up all by himself.

Aedan also had fun decorating another present with a bunch of stickers.

Aedan's present to daddy was this Thomas the Tank Engine Deluxe Over the Track Signal (on the right) and they got right to work putting it all together.

After a lot of searching and shopping, we got Neal a Wii, Wii Play with extra remote, and Mario vs. Sonic Olympics game. I must say Neal is a difficult person to shop for for 3 reasons: not because of the lack of ideas of which I have plenty, but 1) because he usually vocalizes that he doesn't want the product (which he does) before and/or after I have already purchased the product and before I've had a chance to give it to him. I got the Wii and not two days afterwards he was saying, "Let's not get a Wii because it's too hard to get and we don't have time to play it and I don't want to invest in a gaming system now". I then had the challenge of keeping him excited about getting a Wii but discouraging him from purchasing one.

He is also hard to shop for 2) because he goes out on a whim and buys the item before I get a chance to. He actually went shopping for a Wii a few days after I bought one and luckily he didn't find one.

3) He does too much unintentional snooping. I got our Wii at a store that is in large part a grocery store but they have a small media section and they were the only ones with a Wii in town. I bought it all there and later Neal made mention that in looking at our credit card bill he was surprised that I was spending so much at the store and thought we were getting too much groceries.

In spite of all this, he seemed surprised that we got one for him and he has enjoyed it since. Here in our home we are all about the short game - we just can't handle the longer games with multi levels. We really want the Wii Fit and have not found them in stores yet as they sell out quickly.

For all you Wiiners out there, we need a game suggestion and pronto! The store I got the console at gave me a $20 coupon off a game and I need to use it by this Thursday. Our criteria are: 1) short games, 2) games that are suitable for children to play/watch, 3) super fun. We would love Mario Kart but that is hard to come by too. Please help us!


  1. Oh my, reading this made me think of my own hubby. He likes to downplay what he wants even though he really wants it. Then he gets practical and lists off reasons why it would be better not to get it. He keeps himself current with what is spent, etc.
    It's nice that despite all that, we can get them what they know they want deep down, and they will be so happy that we did it.
    I wish I had game suggestions, but I am very out-of-the-loop with the Wii's. Best of luck!

  2. So is "Wiiners" pronounced like a long version of "Winners" or is it pronounced "Weeeeeeeeners." I prefer the latter.

  3. Woot! So proud, so proud. Super Smash Brothers is way fun- you just wail on each other, or you can play a longer scenario game. Get a Wii fit (I saw them at our Savoy Walmart most recently). Zack and Wiki is also way fun (and is on clearance for $19.95 at Walmart- in the black DVD/game book case thingy in the isle across from the CDs). I also really like Cooking Mama. Come over anytime if you want to check these out before you buy!!!

  4. balletmama - so true. they must come from the same family or something...

    Yes, Oli, I meant it to be Weeeeners... a title to be proud of.

    tweedlediva - you seriously saw a wii fit at the walmart?!? I need to check it out. My coupon is for Meijer but I'll check those games out there. THanks!

  5. We just found a mariokart and Roman LOVES it. I like it too. It's fun to play in groups too.
    Mario Party is fun for groups but there is some reading involved so it's not very good for little kids.
    Those are the only ones that I've tried so far so I'm not much help.
    Go Wiiners!

  6. I'm no help either as we only have Wii Play & Wii Sports at the moment. Let me know if you find a good one...we're getting a little bored of bowling & shooting birds.



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