Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ho Fun, Laai Fun, we all scream for Mai Fun!

Let's see who wants to play along... With the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics on the near horizon, I thought it would be fun to party with everyone!  As many of you may know, I am half Chinese and am proud of it!  Any major event calls for major Chinese food and so to make these Olympics feel a little closer to home for us, we will be taking this opportunity to pull out some of our favorite dishes!  We invite you to do the same, or if you are a novice when it comes to Chinese food or not a huge fan of it, we invite you to be brave and try something new!  I was dissapointed to find that no one was doing such an event so here I am.  Here are the details for the Chinese Food Olympic Event:

1) You must make or buy Chinese food and post (or email me if not a blogger) about it before midnight of the closing ceremonies, Aug. 24th.  I say you can buy because that could be an adventure in and of itself...

2) Must be Chinese or very close to it - Asian blends are ok but just because a meal has soy sauce in it does not make it Chinese... feel free to ask me if you have questions.

3) Can be main dish, snack, dessert, drink, etc. 

4) Can be favorites of yours or even something new.

5) Site your sources.

Email me when you've completed the challenge (with a link to your post please) at thekitchenpost(at)gmail(dot)com, again by midnight August 24th.  We will draw winners out of a hat and if we have enough participants there will be "gold", "silver", and "bronze medal" winners.  I haven't decided on prizes yet but they will surely be Chinese :)  I'll try to be creative.  Thanks and good luck everyone!

-The Kitchen Post Staff

ps. while your dim sum is steaming, don't forget to check the official beijing olympic site!


  1. Sounds fun, Jackie! And a good excuse to make something adventurous. I haven't even made stir fry since we've been married, though we did buy a wok at IKEA ;)

  2. Ok, the AZ Kitchens are in. We are planning a party for the opening ceremonies. Let you know how it goes.

  3. This may not qualify but what if I am making a Korean BBQ. I can call it Chinese bbq, if you'd like:). By the way, I think I may have your wrong address because your disney prize came back a long time ago and I am been meaning on asking your address so it will ge to this time...sorry!


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