Saturday, August 23, 2008

Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday to my Baba! Aedan sure gets a kick out of his grandpa and he sometimes calls him "grandbaba". Last summer we spent some time with my family and my parents were so excited that they bought a swimming pool for Aedan to play in. I think they secretly bought it for my dad too. :) My mom told me last night that he was asked to participate in the dunking booth at his work party and I told her I would pay out big time to dunk my dad (I mean really, how much would you pay to soak your dad? Exactly!). I guess this picture will have to satisfy the urge for now... Happy Birthday Baba! Thanks for playing He-Man with us as kids and giving me my part in it all (I wish I still had She-Ra). Thanks for sharing your love and gift of music (I still haven't heard anyone play a better nose flute than you). Thanks for teaching me to love God's creations and to spend time outdoors even when it meant facing flash floods in the Narrows or getting thrown out of rafts in the rapids or going on crazy hikes with the scouts in the middle of the night. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for weird sci-fi, Faerie Tale Theatre (which we are currently exposing Aedan too, yikes!) and Dr. Demento which will surely win me points with the nerd population :) (you know who you are!). Thanks for being a super baba/grandbaba!

Grandbaba and Aedan at my parent's home, July 2007


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