Friday, August 22, 2008

Good News Bad News part deux

Well the bads outweigh the goods in number but you will have to decide for yourself if these goods make up for it. I think they do.

Ok the goods:

Good #1: Yesterday happened to be Letter X day for Aedan and since there was a pretty good chance he would need to get xrays done at the dentist office, I thought we would use our letter craft to prepare him. So I printed out pictures of xray teeth pictures, the machine itself, people getting their xrays, the apron, etc. Cut them out and he pasted them on. We talked about it thoroughly and by the end of it he was excited to go to the dentists office.

Good #2: The pediatric office was very nice and you could tell it was made for children. It really is too bad they didn't have a fish tank like in Finding Nemo. Instead they had a flat screen tv playing video of underwater creatures. Guess it is easier to clean. As we walked to the back, we passed a room full of toys and fun Disney character murals on the wall and Aedan tried to make a quick detour for that room. We were taken to a room fitted with all the normal dentist stuff plus more toys and the ladies working there were so nice to let him explore everything. He looked so little sitting in the chair. He was so patient to let them poke and prod in his mouth. After Dr. Vickie asked us some questions and checked Aedan out, she told us that he looks like he is in great shape and that we should get an xray of his front teeth to make sure things were fine under the gums. Aedan did it all like a champ. Dr. Vickie did some other things to make it more of a full check-up like checking for the 'sugar bugs' (cavities) and the health of his gums, among other things. That was nice of her, it made me feel like I was getting my money's worth.

Good #3: Xray looked good. It seems we don't have to get the tooth pulled after all. Sure the tooth may be dead but as long as it is not causing any problems we can leave it in. It may get a little darker but luckily this is his baby tooth so he'll switch it out eventually. That said we got to see his adult set of teeth in the xray which was pretty neat.

Good #4: Aedan made out like a bandit - they gave him his very own glove, a little toy motorcycle (BIG hit), a sticker, and a new toothbrush. To quote Aedan as we were leaving, "I did it the dentist, mommy!!!" Yes, my boy, you did it!

Good #5: A couple days ago we actually ordered a Wii Fit online! Thanks to tweedlediva who recommended, we were finally able to order one through Even when using this site, who emails you when wii fits become available to order over the web, we still had a hard time picking one up because they sold out SO fast. But we found one in a package deal with the yoga mat and the We Ski game and we received it all in the mail yesterday! Wahoo! I think I am going to really enjoy it - already my back and legs are feeling achey from this mornings workout. I think if I am really wanting some intense toning workouts I would have to do that on my own but this balance board is helping us realize the value of balance and good posture. The Wii Fit had the nerve to ask of if we find ourselves tripping a lot because our balance is so bad... Wii've got a lot of work to do!


  1. Yay!!! So glad you found a Wii Fit! Sorry about the tooth ordeal- we had a scare like that a couple of weeks ago ourselves, but not as scary. Boys. Geez.

  2. yay! you got it! the good definitely out ways!

  3. Well, those bad things did STINK pretty bad...but I think your good things make up for them! Kids...who knew they would drain our pocketbooks so badly???


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