Monday, August 4, 2008

Mii not so happy

I hate the evils of supply and demand.  We have been trying to get a Wii Fit for a couple months now, just trying at local stores as it is difficult to get one online plus we'd have to pay out a bit more than finding one locally.  I've been watching newspaper ads, making many phone calls, making many trips, and still the only ones I've seen in store are the demo ones that so mockingly peek back at me through a clear case.  Not that I will give you the play-by-play of my search but it will suffice to say that it seems that our church activity has prevented us from getting one. Say what? Well, one instance we missed getting a Wii Fit by 30 minutes because we had first gone to a baptism of one of the boys that Neal used to teach in Primary.  Every other time has been because the stores put them out for their sales week starting on Sunday and since we try our best to 'keep the sabbath day holy' we refrain from shopping on Sundays and so they sell out before Monday morning rolls around.  It has been really frustrating.  Really.

Every time I come home empty handed we will jokingly say, "That's what we get for keeping the commandment" and while we don't really think that is a punishment it certainly isn't a perk.  This past Sunday we had a Sunday School lesson comprising chapters 36, 37, and 38 of Alma in the Book Of Mormon and I think we had read this scripture: Alma 36:3 And now, O my son Helaman, behold, thou art in thy youth, and therefore, I beseech of thee that thou wilt hear my words and learn of me; for I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day.  We were then asked whether we thought the idea that righteousness = less trials was a true statement or not.  There were many who commented that they believed it to be true and gave their reasons.  I have a hard time agreeing that it is completely true but then I could see it going either way. 

My thoughts, occaisionally influenced by logical reasoning, were that if A=B then B must = A and for some reason, turning that thought around to say that someone who receives less trials = must be a very righteous person just seems less true to me.  I appreciated the comment made by a sister who said that there are many righteous people who receive many difficult trials and just because someone's family is having troubles or someone is having a hard time in life it does not make them wicked and we need to be careful not to judge them.  But you know, I was thinking more on this and I decided that it really is a matter of perspective of the individual and it is very difficult to justly judge from an outsiders point of view. So I say it is a matter of perspective because I could either say, "I am trying to be a good person and yet I am still getting this trial of trying to find a Wii Fit" or I could say, "I am trying to be a good person and while I haven't got a Wii Fit, I'm sure I could count many blessings I've received by not breaking the Sabbath Day" or you might suggest I say, "Whoa, aren't we taking this a little too seriously? What happened to good old fashioned jogging?"  I think the way we personally view our trials makes a difference - kind of a glass half full/half empty sort of thing.  Meawhile, Mii and I are not getting any thinner by sitting and blogging about this... or is it I and Mii? I'm confused.

I mean look at all these people having fun!

I thought it interesting the difference in the wording of two almost identical verses.  The one I just listed above says "whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials" and another in Alma 38:5 "that as much as ye shall put your trust in God even so much ye shall be delivered out of your trials" (italics added).  The second one is addressed to Alma's son Shiblon personally and the first is a bit more general in it's address.  But still!  There are many times I would love to be delivered but at very least, I feel supported in my trials.  I don't think I'm going to count my lack of a Wii Fit a trial so much and believe me, I'm not praying for one (ya, can you imagine? Deliver Mii!!)  nor do I find the temptation too great. I just think it is cynically humorous. 


  1. Wii got ours after dropping by stores (GameStop made our month) on our regular errands. It seems that Friday mornings are another stocking time. :) It has delivered up a lot of fun for all.

  2. I think you've stumbled upon your answer without recognizing it. You obviously need to buy it online so that it can be DELIVERED and you can be DELIVERED from your trial! =) I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.

  3. Good luck with the Wii! I'm not sure that I think being righteous will keep you from trials, but I could buy into the idea that it keeps you from certain trials, if that makes sense. I have no comment on the Wii portion of your post since I'm not Wii-ified :)

  4. This link might help-

    It tracks all of the stores on line that have them in stock. You can do an RSS feed, and get updates. Geeky, I know. We got ours on Amazon, free shipping- but they are sold out now. Don't pay more than $90- that is the set price. If it is more, they are gouging.

    Matt thinks the more righteous we are, the more trials we receive... I tend to agree. Supposedly we can handle them better :-)

  5. Great! Now I can have an RSS feed to my inbox that says "Wii Fit Tracker reports no stock at this time" with all sites as "sold out" or "backordered." Sigh. ;(

  6. Sounds like my search for the wii in the first place, then... a search for mario cart. What's next??? Probably just about every game they come up with. I think they are creating a higher demand just by the sheer fact that don't we all want what we can't have? All the sudden I want wii fit and I hadn't really thought about it before. LOL
    Good luck. And you will get your wii fit... one day.

  7. Hey, I hope those clues lead you to your righteous desires :) Chris and I want one too, but we are pretty hopeless about it, so if you happen to stop by a store and see TWO there....oh man, I don't know how much I could pay you to ship it out to us, but I would ;)

    (so i always thought that that the scripture wasn't meaning that righteous people wouldn't have trials, it actually makes me think that righteous people will have a lot of trials, but will also have support)

    anyway, looks like you guys had a lot of fun this summer!


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