Friday, September 12, 2008

Sing us a song, you're the piano man!

Aedan has a new friend on loan!  Our good friends Miriam and David were given this cute little Schoenhut Toy Piano as a gift for their baby boy (who was born yesterday! woot!) and they felt like they didn't have space for it until they move next year so they were so kind to offer it up for Aedan's use.  Now we've had a piano for longer than we've had Aedan so piano's aren't exactly new to him but he fell in love with this one as soon as he saw it! 

This pic was taken in our front room but we've since then moved it to his bedroom next to our other piano.  Now he claims we have an "Aedan piano and a Daddy piano".  For some reason he really likes the bench and carries it around the house.   I was a little hesitant to take it at first because Aedan has his moments where he doesn't care about being gentle... but he is really enjoying it and it makes such a pleasant sound!  It kind of sounds like chimes of a clock if that makes sense. 

Well here, you might as well see him play it


  1. this is so adorable!!! I can just see him learning to play the piano as beautifully as his mom. How fun to have a child-sized instrument to help him learn aboutt music - even if it is on loan!

  2. So cute. He looks like a prodigy already!

  3. We are STOKED that Aedan likes the piano! Good to know it's being enjoyed instead of sitting with our stored boxes. Keep up the good music, buddy!

  4. Cute pictures--that piano is too fun. I bet he loves it.

  5. I love the way he played "slow" and "quiet"! Very, very cute :)


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