Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fortunate Event #2

A quick update on Aedan: we took him to the doctor yesterday only for them to tell us that his wound wasn't healed enough to remove the stitches and to come back Friday morning. Just that little visit to the doc was enough to upset Aedan all over again. We'll be glad when it is all over!
Well, I told you these posts are a little out of order. We really didn't go all the way to Michigan for all that trauma. Our main reasons for going to Michigan this last weekend were:

To visit this new little guy for the first time, cousin/nephew I.

And to see his terrific mommy and daddy, P and Jackie's brother O who attends University of Michigan Law School.

Also visiting the new baby was Jackie's parents D and A from Utah

Aedan was, of course, spoiled by family with toys (Look how excited he is! Jackpot!)...

... and even a new suit! Lookin' sharp!

On Sunday bright and early (9am church and only 6 hours from when we went to bed after being in the ER) we were delighted be at church for baby I's baby blessing.

Even better was the chance to snuggle up to this new baby! Such a happy little boy, smiling so freely, with some of the plumpest cheeks I've ever seen!

We were so grateful to visit all of these guys and gals! We had a wonderful stay thanks to our terrific hosts. We can't wait to see them when they come out here for Christmas! We love our family!


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