Friday, November 21, 2008

Good News, Bad News, Neal Style

Good News: A while back Neal had sent in his CV for a sort of start-up company with offices in Chicago and here in town and he was contacted to go in for an interview! He is there having the interview right now and we wish him luck! I will have to verify this with him but I'm thinking this might be his first job interview he has ever had. I seem to remember him saying that or at least that he hasn't had very many. He's had plenty of jobs in the past, doing construction work alongside his dad, working at the electrical shop at BYU, FedEx night shifts here in town... but no interviews prior to today. The job is for the Chicago office I think and even if he gets an offer there will need to be some serious convincing for us to accept it as the job is right in downtown Chicago. But either way, I am amazed that he got called for an interview on his first (and so far only) job application! Way to go Neal!

Bad News: Today Neal went to the doctor and had his suspicions confirmed - Neal has a "sports" hernia and will need to have some surgery done. He says "sports" because he believes it is sports related but it must have slowly been happening and today when he was playing racquetball it got much worse. And when Neal complains about pain I get super worried because he never complains about pain unless it is really bad. Lamest thing though, he had to be referred to the specialist and they won't even evaluate him until Dec. 10th and from there they will schedule the surgery. I have to wait until Monday to talk to a nurse to see if we can get something sooner. So no Turkey Bowl this weekend. :(

Ok, and some more Good News: Neal has more remotes and gadgets to play with now. We had a bunch of our electronics die at the same time (my theory? conspiracy!) and they needed replacing. He is now the happy owner of an iphone, a Blueray disc player, and a Samsung HD LCD flat screen. Consequently, this has become our Christmas and my early birthday presents. I am so overwhelmed by all the new buttons... At least now we will have something to do post-surgery.

**UPDATE** The interview went well (and yes it was his first interview ever, weird huh?) and we will see if anything happens after that. He actually told them it was his first interview and they said good job on his first interview.


  1. Oh man, I'm so sorry about the hernia. Shane had that surgery when Roman was a baby. No fun... no fun at all!!! And I didn't even go through the surgery. Just be prepared to help him get up and down for a while. I think it was at least 4 days of that for us, but Shane had two hernias fixed which made it harder I'm sure. Recovery was a lot harder/longer than the Dr. said it would be. ((HUGS)) Some advice I have is maybe to have someone watch Aedan for a day or two if you can. And that is coming from someone who never has people watch her kids.

    Good news on the good news though. How fun to have all those fun new gadgets.

  2. Our fingers are crossed on the interview!


  3. Thanks ladies and thanks LeAnn for the heads up and advice. I think I'm dreading it even more now though... With the holiday season upon us things will be tricky but hopefully we can at least get it taken care of before 2009!

  4. I have to say, I'm a little sad by your happy news. I was secretly thrilled to hear you guys might be kicking around here for a little longer. All good things must come to an end I suppose- good luck with the job hunt! If you need anyone to watch Aedan post-surgery, we'd love to do it!


  5. Good luck with everything, Neal (and Jackie too!)

  6. I didn't mean to scare you. I just mean that everyone we talked to made it sound like a walk in the park and it was not. I think the Dr. told Shane that one of his hernia surgery patients ran a 10K something like 5 or 7 days after the surgery.... NOT BUYING IT! So I'm not gonna sugar coat it. But, you guys will be fine. :) It probably made it a lot harder on me that Roman was only 6 months old at the time.

  7. Thanks LeAnn - I hate it when people sugar coat these kind of things too. Neal had knee surgery a few years back and we had no idea that it would be so difficult afterwards. And that was without a kid in the home. I know Aedan is going to find it hard to not use Neal as a playground for a few weeks...

  8. I hope that good news follows the interview. That's too bad about Neal's ailment. Robert is the same way - he never complains unless he is in significant pain (and even then he usually doesn't tell me!)

    We are thinking of you!

  9. Hey, Chicago's a fun place! Hey, are you sure Neal wants you sharing his medical history on the blog? I mean he just sounds REALLY OLD now. Oh, wait. I guess I'm older. never mind.

    Sorry neal. No pain, no gain.


  10. I like Chicago just fine but I don't like the time/$$ of having to work in downtown Chicago. We'd have to live quite a ways outside of Chicago to get something affordable and at very least the same size place as we have now.

    And ya, Neal is feeling really old now. I think that is why he prefers to call it a sports hernia - sounds manly and less old-manish...


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