Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sports is human life in microcosm. ~Howard Cosell

Aedan started taking a Little All Stars class which introduces a new sport each week on a toddler level of understanding.  We have had fun so far and are sad to end it earlier than originally planned as we are making a trip out to Utah in March.  But he had a lot of fun with soccer, baseball, and basketball.  His attention span left much to be desired and it sometimes seemed like the highlight for him was getting a stamp on his hand at the end but all in all I still think it was worth it!  Here are a few action shots.



  1. What's that? A trip to Utah in March?! :)
    Aedan is so cute playing basketball--what a fun little group you found!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. Have a good trip!!

  3. Cute pics! So, when are you coming out? Let's all get together for another Apt. 18 reunion again!

  4. What a good idea. I love sports! What sport did Aedan favor?


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