Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yin and Yang Vegetable Dumplings and Sticky Rice Siu Mai


I first need to show off Aedan’s attempt at making a dumpling.  Isn’t it cute?  I wish I got pictures of him making it.  As he is a huge Kung Fu Panda fan he laughed when I said, “Have a dumpling” and “You are free to eat!” to which he replied, “AM I?!?” Maybe that is only funny to me.


I tried a recipe from Martin Yan’s China called Yin and Yang Vegetable Dumplings.  I was wanting something not too meaty and I found the way he wrapped them kind of fun and new.  Well, if you really want a recipe I can email it to you but I would recommend his book.


They were called Yin and Yang to represent the two ways you can prepare it: the yin was a steamed version, and the yang was the deep fry method. 


I love siu mai or shaomai, which is a traditional Chinese dumpling that usually contains pork and mushroom although we’ve seen other variations.  Again, I’ve been feeling a little maxed out on meat lately nd wanted something different.  IMG_4506 I came across this sticky rice siu mai recipe that of course uses sticky rice and just a tiny bit of meat and some other goodies and I found that it was a fun change.  Not quite the same but it was fun to try.


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