Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun with Grandma in the grooviest places


We found a good deal on tickets for the Disney On Ice show at the Energy Solutions Arena in SLC and it was different enough from the show we saw recently in Chicago so we decided to go for it.  Aedan and I enjoyed it very much although I can’t but help think that it would be fun to have a little girl all dressed up as a princess or a fairy to bring to that sort of thing – that is the ‘in’ thing to do to these events apparently.

IMG_4793My mom and baba are the best! They took us to the Hogle Zoo and it amazes me how very little that place has changed over the years.  They used to give rides on elephants there when I was a kid though. 


We rode the Hogle Zoo train with my parents and it was perfect for Aedan – not too loud that he wasn’t scared to sit right behind the engine.  He was so excited! (we have more zoo pics from my dad but I’m having troubles pulling them up so maybe some other day eh?)

 IMG_4804Last Sunday we made a trip to Temple Square in Salt Lake City to watch my dad sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Spoken Word broadcast.  We’ve seen him sing dozens of times but it is always still impressive and amazing each time.  Since children are not allowed in the Tabernacle where the choir performs because of the broadcasting going on, we had to watch from afar in the nearby visitor’s center.  So we also took the opportunity to walk around the building and Aedan loved the big statue of Jesus and the big Earth on the wall.


A few days ago we visited my mom at her work on Brigham Young University’s campus and we took a break to see the Walter Wick’s art display in the Museum of Art.  For those who may not know, he is the artist who creates the pictures for the I Spy children’s books.  We brought one of his books out with us on our flight to Utah and  it was a lifesaver – Aedan loves to look and look at the pictures to match up items.  This display showed the actual models used for the picture.



He found a favorite – cars and lots of cars.


This is an actual model of one of the pictures from his Scary Night book and it pretty cool!


  1. I bet you guys had so much fun out there. Hope you are feeling well Jackie.


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