Friday, June 26, 2009

Cravings gone overboard…


Okay, not really.  Actually that is half true – these watermelons are not for me but I have had major watermelon cravings with this pregnancy (much to the delight of Neal) and have bought 2 watermelons a week for the past two months.  I think I’ve definitely improved on my watermelon selection skills.


A few months back, I suppose before I got my nursery calling, I was asked to serve on the food committee for our upcoming Stake Youth Conference.  I tell ya, between this and making goodies for our Stake Gold and Green Ball, you would think that I would open up my own catering business.  But really, with this pregnancy, I haven’t wanted to deal with food, more than I have to anyway, and so these two big events have been a HUGE challenge for me.  Dealing with this much food is such a turn off for me right now.  But.. I will go, I will do, right? :)


This all happened last week and really I only ended up helping with Thursday’s meals as I was going out of town to St. Louis for the weekend.  It was extremely tiring and while I had fun,  I am discovering very quickly that I can have fun cooking, but I certainly don’t want to make a living out of it because it would surely kill me!  :)

I took no pictures of the event because I really didn’t have time.  It was so intense.  Oh well!

**EDIT: I just realized I didn’t make the connection between the two thoughts (clumsiness is also something I deal with in this pregnancy…) and I just wanted to make it clear that these watermelons were for youth conference.  I’m sure you made the connection on your own but oh well!


  1. Bella got crazy when she see the watermelons. She is so moving to eat watermelon :-)

  2. Ok....this TOTALLY cracked me up! I ate Pizza EVERY day during my pregnancy with Jordan. In fact, I was at CiCi's Pizza Buffet WHILE in labor before heading to the hospital! He says THAT is why he loves pizza so much. Poor Scott endured my cravings well. His clients wanted to take him to get a nice steak while I was pregnant with Kelsey...he opted for a hamburger since I had steak ALL the time with her. Pregnancy is funny!

  3. You are a trooper Jack-Schmack! :)


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