Monday, July 6, 2009

I’m a Big Boy now!!

Someone just got a little older…


The long anticipated Birthday Day has finally arrived.  Actually, it was a week ago and we had a birthday party for him on the Saturday before but he has been asking about his birthday every day since then.  This is how his birthday morning began:

Aedan wakes up.

Us: “Happy Birthday Aedan!”

Him: “Thanks! Are my friends all downstairs?”

Me: “Er, no.  Remember you had a party yesterday?”

Him: “Oh. (a little crestfallen)”

That is because he thoroughly enjoyed his party and his actual birthday fell on a Sunday making it a bit anti-climatic for him.  His party went a little something like this:



018   image 023

015 016


Can you tell what it is and where it’s from?  I spent way too much time on this cupcake cake… and way too much sugar too.

028  032



To sum up, toddler mayhem!  Roughly 2 hours of friends and family jumping on trampolines and diving into foam pits and eating loads of sugar and opening hordes of presents.  We combined his party with his two cousins A and A whose birthdays are two weeks after Aedan’s.  Oh what fun!  We tried to come up with a theme for the party that would please all three cousins and we just couldn’t so in light of the new Disney/Pixar’s UP movie, we did balloons.  It was fun!





As I mentioned earlier, his actually birthday was a bit of a bummer for him I think.  No party, no pals, leftover cupcakes….  Luckily we did breakfast in bed (he put in a request for waffles, bacon, and orange juice) and had some presents we withheld so he could have something to open on his birthday.  It was quite a fun weekend for him though!

I can’t believe he is 3 already and the kind of gifts he received are getting way too smart for me.  That is just the beginning I suppose… Oh Aedan! I sure love you kid!


  1. I can't believe he's three already! Happy Birthday little man.
    Roman went to a party at a gymnastics place like that earlier this year and had so much fun. I never would have thought about a place like that for a birthday party.
    Even better that you got to combine the parties.
    Super cute cake, by the way. It turned out adorable!

  2. Happy birthday, Aedan!!! Crazy that he's 3 already! The party looked super-fun!

  3. Happy Birthday Aedan!! We're so sorry we missed it :( It looks like it was awesome. Congrats!!


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