Monday, August 31, 2009

Our newest little arrival

Now don’t get too excited, this post isn’t what you might think it is… or is it?

007Bringing her home and falling asleep with her

As mentioned in my last post, Aedan has taken a liking to baby dolls.  Every doll has been declared a girl doll and given his sister’s name with exception to one who was a boy whose made up name was what seemed to me like a cross between Lorenzo and Fonzie if you can imagine such a thing. 

006 Apparently using her as a pillow.

With a little coaxing from my sil today, we went and bought a baby for Aedan today.   If only adding a family member was this easy!  (Okay, maybe it is a good thing that it isn’t… ) It took us two stores to find her but it was worth it. 


He has been so excited to have her and take care of her.  I whipped up a little crocheted blanket and didn’t quite get to finish it before he demanded to use it.   Tomorrow we will hopefully work on making her a crib and pillows per his request. 


So there you have it, I actually bought a baby doll for my boy.  And he likes it.  No shame in that right? :)



  1. He is going to be an AWESOME big brother! Way to go Aedan!

  2. That is one cute picture!

  3. What a sweet little guy you have!

  4. It is really, really important for sons to have babies to love and nurture. Nurturing and involved fathers aren't helped into being by fear and over-genderization. I see red when people are leery of boys with kitchens and dolls and girls with trucks. Good for you for teaching your son that he can love and care for children, BECAUSE he is a boy and that is part of his potential nature as an eternal parent.
    Ahem. My soap box is done. Very cute pictures.

  5. You should read the story "William's Doll". It's great!


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