Monday, September 21, 2009

Inducement here I come…

So I’m a handful of hours away from my appointment to be induced and hopefully all will go well.  I was induced with Aedan but I didn’t go as far into the pregnancy as I did with this one and with Aedan I was progressing better, so…, ya.  Oh well! 

Meanwhile Neal has recovered from his cold but managed to pass it on to poor Aedan.  I feel so bad for Neal’s sister and family who has Aedan for the night tonite.  We are supposed to call the hospital at 5am to go in to be induced (hello? who set that time up I want to know?!?) so we figured it would be good for Aedan to have a sleepover.  He was so excited – he was carrying his backpack and sleeping bag around the house a couple hours before we took him over.  People have asked me if he is excited to have a little sister.  I would have to say yes but right now it seems as if this sleepover at his cousins house trumps new sibling. 

I don’t know why but I’ve always been bothered by the term “nesting”.  I’m not a bird for heavens sake!  I will say, however, that I have done some pregnancy-induced interior decorating/rearranging.  We plan to have this baby in our room in a bassinette for a while so Aedan’s room is still just his room.  I wanted to make it a place where he wants to play as that is basically the only room that comes close to a toy room.  But we have major space issues here and things were tight as is.


Remember Aedan’s sleep problems?  Well, I feel like such a bad mommy now but I am starting to think that his problems were mostly from the fact that he was sleeping in an uncomfortable toddler bed.  He has been asking for a bunk bed for a while now but it almost seemed silly to get him one as it wouldn’t be shared for a long time.  But we caved and got one anyway with the idea that we could transform it into a loft bed simply by not setting up the bottom portion and have the bottom area available for toys and play.  Wow does it make the room feel bigger now!

Turns out loft beds are generally more expensive than a bunk bed which seems dumb to me but now I have a makeshift loft bed with the option of adding in the bottom bunk when I need it.  Yay!  Plus Aedan has a super comfy mattress (apparently better than ours) and he has preferred sleeping on his own in his own bed ever since we got it!  What a relief! 

It is a pretty colorful room I know but it is fun.  I’ll have to get pics later but we strung some multi-colored rope lights underneath the top bunk to provide some fun lighting for the play area bellow and he is loving it. 

Okay, off to bed I go and we will try to post pics soon! 


  1. wow! great room....looking forward to the pics...but mostly of this new fun little angel addition to the kitchen family! i can't think of what to say...good luck seems...uh well...I KNOW what is coming. Have fun? Even worse. So....I'll catch you back here blogging sometime in the future. Get some rest...last night AND forever the hospital...the only place you may get it for awhile! hehehehe

  2. Hope all went well, we are so excited to meet your new little bundle of joy. Let us know if we can help out in any way. I love Aedan's room, I wish we would have thought of doing something like that, what a great idea.

  3. I hope all is well at the hospital! Aedan's room looks great, and it must be so nice he loves his bed now. Hooray for solving that sleep issue before your baby arrives!

  4. Like everyone else, I hope everything is going wonderfully for you right now. Aedan's room is fabulous--what a lucky big brother!

  5. Aedan's room looks AWESOME! What a great idea to turn a bunk bed into a loft bed! I love it! Good luck with L&D! Can't wait to see this baby girl!


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