Monday, November 2, 2009

There were two in the bed


and the little one said,



I think we are starting to see a pattern.  Lily sleeps okay at night in her bassinette but she sure sleeps better on a decent mattress.  Now they are both taking over our bed!!  Actually, Aedan has been great in his new bunk bed’s fancy mattress but once every blue moon he might nap on our bed.  This particular day he wanted to lay by Lily and they fell asleep.  Cute kids.

I am starting to think that we need to invest in a really good crib mattress if there is such a thing.  If there is one thing I learned with Aedan is that while his new mattress may be a bit more pricey, you can’t put a price on a full night’s worth of sleep without your kid climbing in next to you and kicking you and grinding his teeth so you hear it all night long. There are some who say family bed time is the way to go but I think I prefer sleep.  So selfish of me yes but I am a better mommy for it during the daytime where I can enjoy snuggle time while I am awake. 

I’m reminded of that Princess and the Pea story when it comes to these kids – they must have royal backsides as they want nothing but the finest.


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