Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our First Home

A lot has happened this past week!  And NO it wasn’t an April Fools Joke!I can’t believe we were able to go house hunting, find a home, get an offer accepted and a contract drawn up, AND purchase a second vehicle all within a week.  That is not to mention all of the research/prayers that went into making these major purchases! 


With Neal starting a job so soon and with two more months of rent left on our current residence, the plan of action is that Neal will be living in temporary housing while he works and writes (he is going to be finishing his PhD work in the evenings and weekends) and the kids and I will stay here to pack.  We are looking at about 3 hours of drive time separating us for about a month and a half.  As you can imagine it is a less-than-ideal situation but it is manageable and we can see him on the weekends if he isn’t too busy.  


The company is offering Neal the chance to get a business degree by taking evening classes while working and so most likely he will begin that this Fall.  The job is at least a 2 yr commitment, probably 3 for the business degree and who knows what will happen after that.  With that in mind, we were looking to start out in a smaller home with the idea that we may not be here longer than your average postdoc.  

We saw several homes and our very last home we saw was the one we got.  It is a HUD home (read this to know what I’m talking about) however it is in very good condition.  There are a lot of things we need/want to do to it prior to moving in but overall this seemed like the smartest investment for us, especially if we have to turn around and sell it in a few years.  But who knows, we could be there for a lot longer.


It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with an unfinished basement so we have room to grow.  It has plenty of yard and it is on the end of a culdesac and, yes, is right next to train tracks which for those who know our current status, it is nothing new although it is much quieter than here. It is in a little growing town called Davis Junction just south of Rockford.  The nearest LDS chapel is about 10 miles away and we will be in a branch (yes we knew about that beforehand) and we had a chance to meet some people in the branch this last Sunday.  The branch president made sure to collect our callings history and was very adamant that, “the Lord needs you here!” and I guess he was right because we got the home.  


Being a HUD home means we will have a little bit of work to do before we move in.  It is stressful but kind of fun to be able to pick out carpet and flooring and light fixtures and appliances…. I know that sounds like a lot but even with all of that we believe we will be coming out ahead when it comes time to resell.  What an adventure! I am excited to be able to pic out the things that we want (or is it I want?)


We have big plans for the basement and Neal is a handy guy so we will get to it as soon as time permits. If you looked carefully at the aerial view you would notice a pool which is no longer there so we have to help the grass grow back.  Well for the few readers who need more pics (hi mom!) here they are.  Just think of them as “before” pics with the “after” pics yet to come:

028Aedan chose his room.  Thank goodness it was the one we were going to put him in.  He spent Easter weekend at his Grandma and Grandpa K’s house while we house hunted.

040042 039

049050052017043Lily was perfect for us!  What a trooper!

014 015033034058All those trees are ours.  There are many more trees.


Tax Credits and Rebates here we come!  Be sure to check back to see vehicle #2!!


  1. Wow, beautiful house!
    Save a room for us someday when we visit you :-)

  2. congrats! That is so exciting to have your own home! We are thrilled for your job and the house and new car! Congrats!! if you need anything while in Chicago area, let us know (we are not too close, but sometimes driving through it is nice to know someone who could help if you need it.)

  3. YEAH!!!! How fun it is to have a new home. And lots of work, but at least the work isn't wasted and you get to enjoy it.

    I hope the next few months go quickly for you.

  4. Congratulations! Your home already looks great. I can't wait to see the pictures when your done with it. I've excited for both of you, but you will be missed here in CU!

  5. I'm so excited for you! Congratulations! Having your own place to do what you want with is the BEST! WOO-HOO!!!

  6. So awesome! I'm so glad that things have worked out quickly in your favor. I'm sure it will be a great experience all around. It'll be a lot of fun personalizing your home the way you want to.

  7. The house is beautiful! The yard looks really big too! The kids will love that!

    We're so happy for you guys!

  8. Wow! I feel so behind, you already bought a house. I am so happy for you. Next time we return books, we won't be borrowing any more. :(
    Love you guys and am so happy for the job!!!

  9. So exciting! Have so much fun picking out everything! You will love it!!! It looks like such a cute house! I'm so happy for you!

  10. Be sure to remove the plastic from the toilet before use.

  11. Congrats! It looks fantastic :) We can't wait to visit.

  12. wow and congrats. Your home looks wonderful and your yard is so big!!


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