Monday, November 29, 2010

Halloween 2010 CHECK it out MATE!


I realize another main reason people check this blog is to see what we dress up as for Halloween.  Well, being in a new location and having almost no time, we decided to revive an oldie but a goodie.  We went as chess pieces with Neal as the king, Jackie as queen, Aedan as a knight (the only new costume made) and Lily as a pawn (Aedan’s costume when he was the same age). 

I didn’t get any more pictures than this as I couldn’t find the camera and Neal took this one with his phone.  People wonder about the hats.  They are paper mache on top of a poster board and tape form.  You can’t see it very well but Aedan’s was particularly tricky as he has a helmet with a horse’s head on top.  It was pretty cool but not entirely practical for a kid as it was stiff.  I did line the hats with felt to avoid getting chaffed by the scratchy dried newspaper and you notice Neal and my hat is HUGE and to costume fit it to our heads I used packaging foam in side.  It was pretty comfy.  Aedan’s shield is just foam boards glued together and painted. 

And I just chuck the hats because it’ll probably be a while before we where them again and they were cheap/free materials so I don’t have a hard time parting with them.

As added bonus we made a rook castle out of a box (there are still a lot of those around here) and we spray painted it silver and cut out holes for windows and a door for a drawbridge.  We stuck our fog machine (yes we have one) into it and brought bean bags and made it into a game for the kids to earn prizes at our trunk or treat.  It was cool. But no picture.  Sorry!

Can I just say I have a ROCKIN hoop skirt?!


  1. You rock my friend! I always love to see the things you come up with! AMAZING!!!

  2. You guys look awesome! You're so creative. LOVE IT!

  3. Cool, I love that ensemble. Your hoop skirt has come in handy over the years! And it's held up remarkably well.


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