Friday, December 10, 2010

House Before and During (still waiting on the After)

In order of start date:

Tiling bathrooms and fireplace with my Craigslist marble tile purchase (Craigslist, seriously, it rocked).  Tiling floors was not entirely necessary.  Fireplace tiles were literally falling off so they had to be replaced.  Got the tile and had enough for two bathrooms and fireplace:


Lily’s room with my choice in paint color (the Pottery barn baby pink, funny it looks different in all of these pics)and the new flooring that we are putting down through the house (Tiger Wood – Brazilian Koa not the golfer):


Still have to nail in baseboards (they are cut and placed) and paint them and sew curtain (it’s gonna be awesome you’ll see).

Aedan’s room with his choice in paint color, not mine. IMG_7038


Painting bathrooms.  They are actually more done than this but I need to take an updated pic:


Items added to home (mostly from Craigslist):

Mirror to be framed and go in bathroom (free plus free crown moulding for framing) and brown leather couch (1 in set of 4) for living room. Lamp from good friend and no end tables yet (still hunting down the perfect one for the perfect price…)


Pier 1 mirror with Mexican Pine over fireplace


Cabinet thingy also made out of mexican pine although not purchased with above mirror.  Currently using it as media cabinet.  This was a hybrid craigslist and garage sale purchase.  I won’t bore you with the details…


Love the grommet curtains, got them at ikea in the summer and still have hemming to do for some of them:


Light fixture in kitchen and got a new-to-us table. And the micro suede just wasn’t working for two little kids so I recovered the seats with a leather looking vinyl.


We put in some closet organizers, now just need nice looking hangers.


And that is just inside! There is more but you get the idea!


  1. No wonder you haven't been blogging! I LOVE the media cabinet and that you are going the craigslist/garage sale route. The best thing about decorating that way is to be happy about what you spent on it. Looks awesome!!

  2. Your home improvements are SO IMPRESSIVE!!! And I can say that, because I know what it takes.


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