Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aedan and Preschool

About time right?  Here are a few pics from last year:


Aedan graduated from his Little Maroons Preschool class early May. This was at the beginning of their program and for whatever reason Aedan decided to not sit with everyone else.  If you ask me it looks crowded…


While all the other kids sang and did fun hand actions and the like, Aedan sat and stared.  I wonder what was going on in his mind.


Getting a little more animated.


Wow, that was so long ago!  Neal had already started his job and was living away from home so he couldn’t see the fun event.


Mrs. Yagow was so great with Aedan! She always had such nice things to say about him.  Aedan chose a gift for her all by himself and was so shy to give it to her.


Aedan started school back up again in a preschool run by an Evangelical church just a few miles west of us.  They pretty much follow the same curriculum used for the Kindergarteners for the school he will go to and it has been great. 


First day of school was great.  He was excited to wear his new Transformer shirt and his new Transformer backpack.  During crafts time he decided to cut a hole in his shirt.  Arrgghh. 


School photos.  Aedan is really shy at school (must get that from mom) and most pictures they take of him and send home have him scowling or frowning.  This picture was barely a smile.  He is getting better and has no problems making friends but he doesn’t speak to his teachers hardly ever.  He says it because they got mad at him for cutting his shirt early in the year.  I seriously doubt they were more mad than I was, and he still talks to me…


He is learning so much and is reading loads of beginning reading books from the library.  We are so proud of him and yikes, I go to register him for Kindergarten in a couple days.  Wow!


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