Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aedan vs. Swimming Lessons

Right after we moved into our home, I signed Aedan up for swim lessons.  He needed something to do other than playing in boxes.  Here are some pictures, he liked it and he hated it.  It was something new but so cold apparently. 


He was in a class full of girls.  He was the only boy, except for one instructor who reminded me of this guy


See? BTW, I’m not a twilight person, and only saw the second movie with rifftrax.  Don’t think I would watch them otherwise… Anyway, back to my little wild thing…


And that pic totally reminds me of his dad


Aedan was so afraid to do anything and would usually cry when he did each task.  But for some reason he was extra anxious to try the diving board.


A small fish in a big pond.


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  1. It's so fun to see all your updates! I love the comparison between Aedan and Neal in this one! Ha! Such cuties!


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