Friday, March 11, 2011

Aedan and Lily Talk

I keep meaning to write down some funny things that the kids are saying.  Time is going by so fast and I don’t want to forget these moments.  Plus some random pics can’t hurt.  First Lily, now at 17 months old (take note of all the Dora/Diego ones):

“Booze” (for Boots)

“Dohwaaahhh! Doo Doo Dohwaaahhh!” (Dora plus a little bit of theme song)

“Ba Lililililil” (sound she makes when she is tickling you)

“Prelee Lily” (pretty Lily)

“Ahbida!” (ariba, spanish for up)


Lily 10 months, July 2010

“Star! Straya” (star, estrella spanish for star)

Me: “Uno” Lily: “Dos” Me: “Tres” Lily: “cuato, geeco, seis” Me: “Siete” Lily: “Ocho, nuebe, diez!” She loves to count in Spanish although last night I discovered she can sort of count to 13 in English.

“BaGah!” (grandpa or grandma, my dad tells me it means fool in japanese…)


“Bellyby” (butterfly)

“Away!” (go away)

“Water Pea Cup! Milk Pea Cup! Juice Bok!” (water sippy cup, milk sippy cup, juice box)


Lily 16 months January 2011, outside our home

“Loot Loots!” (Fruit Loops)

“Rescue Pack!!!” (shouts this when she wants to get out of her highchair)

Me:” Lily, where did you put your bread?” Lily cups her hand to her mouth and wanders around the house shouting: “Bread!? Where are you bread?”

For a while the only word that she would whisper was “Jesus”


And Aedan (4.5 yrs) has been a hoot too:


Aedan at our local children’s museum

Do you find yourself purposefully not correcting your kids because what they are saying is too cute and you just don’t want them to stop?  I do.  Aedan still says “I want to get chicken nuddits at Old McDonald’s”.  And he says “nackin” for napkin. 

He gave me a kiss one time and said, “Now we are married!” To which I had to explain that that is not how things work.  He was a bit crestfallen and replied, “But mom!  I just love you SO SO much!”

I showed him a church video clip from about a study done with little children who were given a single marshmallow and were told that if they wait 15 mins and don’t eat it they could have another one (lesson on patience and holding out for something even better).  Aedan had been bugging me to go to McDonalds quite a lot or to buy him more legos and I’ve been trying to teach him  that we need to save money to do fun things for his birthday in June and whatnot.  After watching the video I said, “See!  Isn’t it a good thing to wait and not eat the marshmallow so that they could have two?” He frowned a BIG frown and replied “No.” Confused I asked, “Why do you say that?” He said, “I don’t want to have an OLD marshmallow!!”


Aedan asleep across kitchen chairs, of all places…


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