Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Concrete Evidence

We really are working over here and here is the evidence.  Granted these pics were taken last September….


Making steps to go out onto our patio.  There was just a wooden step before and it wasn’t sturdy.  We had a nephew fall there in the summer so we definitely needed to fix it.


Aedan was in HEAVEN.  A cement mixer at his house!  A cool looking one too.  I took him to school late that day because he really wanted to watch everything. 


Neal and his dad worked hard and fast.  They made a sidewalk go around the side of our house leading up to the door that opens from our garage.  They also fixed our front porch which was sloping towards the house and I think that solved a good portion of our basement moisture issues.  I’ll take pictures of the finished product someday when it gets warmer outside…


  1. Very cool! I wish they made house calls :) I love how excited Aedan is in that picture!

  2. So fun! I don't know what it is with boys & big trucks, but they LOVE them! I love that look on Aedan's face in that picture. Too funny!


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