Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Bathroom #1 adding light fixture, removed mirror/medicine cabinet (was the size of the white unpainted wall section in the pic).


Mirror #1 up, wow the kids can see themselves in the mirror now.


Bathroom #2 before, puny mirror + puny bathroom = a place I avoided


Mirror#2 up, big mirror + puny bathroom = the illusion of twice the space, enough to trick the mind into liking it better. Neal got creative with the braces.


Mirror #2 coming down, big broken mirror + puny bathroom = oh crap.


We are getting these mirrors free off of craigslist and I have some crown moulding to frame them, also free from craigslist. So free fancy mirrors aside from cost of mounting material and paint.  There are two ways we could mount these mirrors, hanging up with hardware or glueing to the wall with mirror mastic.  Since I will be putting a frame around/over it, it made more sense to glue it so the hardware wouldn’t interfere with the frame.  But glueing has drytime and so we had to brace the mirror up for a few days.  Mirror #1 went up great.  Mirror #2 did too but a combination of a few factors (probably all avoidable, bummer) caused this mirror to break. 

Taking down a glued mirror is A PAIN.  I was so scared for Neal and the floor and there was glass everywhere.  We got mirror #3 also from Craigslist but had to cut down to size. Cutting a mirror is also A PAIN and even though it isn’t a straight cut, it is fine as the frame will cover it. It’ll be nicer as it is bigger than the one we originally put up.  Will update on that as we get Mirror #3 up….

Seven years bad luck here we go :(

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Oh and Lily’s cute mirror, purchased at garage sale last summer and I spray painted white.

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  1. So sorry about the broken mirror. All that will get it right the next time. I totally love Mirror #1.


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