Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lily’s Birthday

011I can’t believe she is already two!  In many ways she has felt two for a while but now it is official.  Many many months ago a mom at Lily’s library group time said to me, “I hate to tell you this but she has gone from baby to little girl in the last week.”  It was so true. 


Last year her birthday was kind of crazy.  We had a concrete truck pull up to our place so Neal and his dad could make steps, walkways, fix existing porch, etc. and we also were in charge of a luau so Lily’s birthday was sadly the last thing on my list.  I made a disaster of a cake for her birthday and ended up sending Neal’s mom to Sams club to pick up a premade cake.  Oh well.  I suppose the guilt had to be worked out in this year’s birthday.


It was a close contest between Dora, Tangled, and My Little Pony for a theme.  I went the pony route.  She loves the  newer generation show, My Little Pony/Friendship is Magic series and I’ve got to admit that they are way better than the older versions.  Ponies look different but oh well. 

007I have a long ways to go in my cake decorating skills but it turned out fun regardless.  I made marshmallow fondant which is kind of yummy and cheap. 


Lily caught the tail end of the decorating process and kept exclaiming, “Ooooo! So beautiful!”


She was very excited about the inside.


She loves rainbows.


Ponies and Princesses.  She loved them all.



We had to celebrate a day early as Neal was supposed to have class the night of her birthday.  On her birthday, we felt the need for a little mani/pedi, just mom and Lily for some good girl time while Aedan was away at school. 

003She loves her “pretty nails”

We also went to our local children’s museum for some fun. 



We had a fun little birthday just me and the kids and later daddy joined in. 

Lily has been a true joy.  She can be so sweet most of the time and she is so kind to tell my that I’m “beautiful” particularly on days when I haven’t bothered getting myself fully ready for the day!  She is always wanting to do things “by myself” and she has even tried the toilet a handful of times so yay, maybe early toilet training?  Either way, I am in no rush for this little girl to grow up!

We love you Lily Cakes!


  1. Happy Birthday, LILY :))

    Wow! We all love the cake!

  2. I'm impressed with the inside of that cake! Wowza! Pretty fun stuff for a pretty cute little Lily Kakz.

  3. she is very cute! Happy birthday, lily :)

  4. I can't believe she is two already!!! Where did those couple of years go? Sigh... She's a cutie pie head!!! And, great job on the cake. Too cute!

  5. Lily, your mom loves you, just look at the amazing cake she made for you!


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