Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lost Tooth

IMG_8835Somehow this boy has grown up on me when I wasn’t looking.  He lost his first tooth today.  The past few days he has been willing to let Neal try to pry it out via floss tugs or plier pulls.  But after all that it was pretty uneventful when it came down to it.

He was playing with Legos and said it felt funny.  He said that he twisted it all the way around but stayed in his mouth.  I said that if he could twist it all the way around he could definitely yank it out and he did.  He said it was awesome.IMG_8836

Neal left for a work trip today and will be gone till Thursday and I was caught without anything smaller than a $20 bill so I convinced him to wait until dad got home so he could show him his tooth.


Then he lost it.  The tooth.  Again. 

We can’t find it.


So in the meantime he wants to communicate with the tooth fairy and he wrote this note:


Two questions for all of you: How would you answer his question? and What is the going rate nowadays anyway?  I honestly don’t remember how much I got as a kid, at least remember they were bills so at least $1.

IMG_8798Lily claims she has a “lost tooth” because she is a big girl. She mostly just wants a present.


  1. Yea! First lost tooth! Our tooth fairy brings a dollar. Compared to my quarter it's great but I know other people get more.
    We have a cute little story book that says the tooth fairy used to be a tooth witch and tooth witches colected teeth to make rocks but one tooth witch was a happy witch and she wanted to give kids something in return for the teeth. So she did and she used the teeth to make stars. Then she grew wings and became the tooth fairy.

  2. We do 2 of each coin if we help pull it out. We do 2 of each coin and 2 dollar bills if she does it herself.

    Hazel lost one (#6) Sunday night. It really needed to come out as the new tooth was pushing up from behind so I offered her $4 to let her daddy yank it out on the spot. Well, she bravely submitted for the money and he really pulled and it wouldn't come. Late that night she showed us she got it out herself so I gave her the $4 after all.

    My advice- start small as they will keep upping the ante.

  3. Oh, and a nice note is a given. I'm sure you already thought of that, Jackie- you could never give a gift without a beautiful card to go with it. :)

  4. So fun! Just wait Jackie the next thing you know he will be graduating from high school! And I'm not even kidding.

  5. We do a $1. The Fords used to do a book instead of money. That's $80 for four kids. Miss you.


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