Friday, March 14, 2008

Good wholesome activities to make you get the warm fuzzies

It is Friday nite and while I'm not out partying, I've been thinking about some fun stuff that I've done lately, so does that count? So these were some fun things we've done or I've done or I'm doing currently.

Dr. Zimmerman introduced us to this game at our game night we host every once in a while. Neal brings his labmates and they bring games we had never even heard of before and I must say, so far I've enjoyed every one but this one we played most recently and I would have to say it is one of my favorites for a few reasons. 1) It is a game about diseases that keep popping up around the globe and every player has some part in helping to cure/treat the diseases before they take over, so in summary, it is a game where we all work together to win 2) It can be played solitaire, how cool is that, 3) I had to put Aedan down for the night in the middle of a game and it was the type of game I could leave and the game could continue and I could join back in later on without it being a big issue, 4) It is relatively quick once you know how to play. All said and done, check this one out, it'll be worth it.

When Oli and Pris were out to visit, Oli requested that we introduce poor unsuspecting Pris to Nightmare, a video interactive board game full of ghouls and nasty decaying hosts. Well, this was one I played way back in the day and I bought it on ebay a few years back and have got my money's worth many times over. It is pretty funny/spooky depending on what you can handle. It is a game where the players as a whole try to beat the gatekeepers clock (1 hr) to collect all the keys to unlock our worst nightmares (which is good unless you draw the card with your nightmare on it). In the meantime, many unexpected things happen throughout the game that can slow you down. It is fun especially if you create the right atmosfear.

After reading this book I can proudly say that I finished a 500+ page book in a couple hours. That is because this book, in addition to text, uses pictures to help tell the story just like a movie does. So I'm flipping through pages pretty quick but it is kind of a fun experience, different than an illustrated book. The story is about a young boy, Hugo, and girl's adventures with a mysterious automaton who helps them to rediscover Georges Méliès, the father of science-fiction movies. I felt like a learned a little about French Film, automa, and enjoyed a good young children's fiction along the way. Not too intense but a quick fun read.

I am just starting into this one although Neal is current on all 3 of the Septimus Heap books and he went through them quickly so I think he likes them. I am liking it so far, more wizards, princesses kind of book but so far so good.

I'll have to do a game review one of these days. Then you might begin to realize the full extent of our oddities.


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