Saturday, March 15, 2008

Burn baby burn! - Disco Inferno!

I've recently tried a new way of working in some sort of physical fitness into Aedan's and my day. In the past, whenever I would get down and do some sort of floor exercise he would think I was wanting to wrestle with him. Crunches are hard to do when you have a 20 month old body slamming your abs. Aedan has always loved to dance and one day he saw me with my hand weights and wanted a pair for himself. So I gave him my smallest (1 pounders) and popped in a disco cd and we danced and exercised. This can usually last for 4-6 songs and any of you that know your disco you will know that a lot of songs are at least in the 4 or 5 minute range. So it is a pretty good work out for the both of us. It is pretty funny for anyone else watching so generally if you pass by our place in the middle of the day and our blinds are pulled shut in the front room and you can hear Shake Your Groove Thing blasting in the background, well, now you know.

Aedan takes a breather from an intense workout.

I believe Aedan's favorite disco song is Play That Funky Music, White Boy, Wild Cherry's one hit wonder. In fact, this clip captures him saying a new word he learned from the song, "die". Great. I mean, they repeat it so often "Play that funky music till you die. Till you die. etc..." that he was bound to pick it up. I just didn't even think about it.

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  1. Seriously hilarious. I'll have to come walk by now- we do the same thing, but with "Yoga Booty Ballet." Taylor's doesn't quite have the moves yet though.


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