Friday, March 7, 2008

Maybe He's Born With It....

... Maybe It's Maybelline. Have you ever wondered how the little kids get such beautiful curly eyelashes? Wonder no more. Last night I caught Aedan getting into my cosmetic bag. Here he is curling his lashes. Monkey see monkey do.

This kid is very aware of his image (hopefully that wears off before the teenage years). He is currently obsessed with his Aedan TV and will have a tantrum and will scream "Aedan! Aedan!" when we don't let him watch. When he watches his video clips it is fun to watch his reactions because he laughs at himself, he sings along with himself, he tries to imitate himself. That said, he is also very aware of others image, not in a bad way though. For example, the other day when I was feeling all grungy in my sweats and my hair and makeup left much to be desired, he looked at me and said "pretty". I wanted to make sure he really meant it so I asked, "do you think mama looks pretty?" to which he smiled and gave me a kiss and a hug. I'll take that as a yes. That made my day!


  1. What a cutie! His hair seems to be getting so much lighter too! Love the big boy haircut! Ok so you do make gourmet meals everynight. Impressive. I love to cook I really do, when I have all the right ingredients and the time, but honestly at this point I wish I could just hire someone to make extras for us. See you could be our neighbors and get a little part time job with me:)!

  2. Terica I'd probably be singing to a whole different tune if I had the same # of kids you do. And twins to boot! So ask me again when I've had a few more kids and I most likely will tell you the same thing. But for now I like the neighbors idea:) Meanwhile, is almost 6pm and I have no idea what is for dinner tonite...


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