Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meme Mumblings

There is nothing like a beautiful Saturday spent inside at the computer being sucked into this meme stuff. I've been tagged and while that is all fun for me, now I've got to turn around and share the love. As always, rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself that
a. explain how you got your first or middle name,
b. where you were born,
c. your favorite fruit,
d. something embarrassing about you
and e. answers the question "Your dream wedding would have to include..." You must also supply at least one funny photo that goes with one of your facts.
3. Tag as many people at the end of your post as you so desire and list their names (linking to them). You may tag the original sender if you change the rules.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs. Or, don't. Just link to them and wait to see who actually reads your blog. Now cry yourself to sleep tonight.

I can't believe I'm doing this...

a. My middle name is Chinese, Wing-sze, means "rhythm of a poem". Just a name my mom liked I suppose. Don't think it was an obsession with iambic pentameters.
b. I was born on the island Oahu and apparently the doctor that delivered me looked like a bum off the streets. Truly.
c. There are so many favorites but I can narrow it down to blueberries, limes, and guava. Hhhmm... never tried them together though...
d. I don't think I have any experiences that I would consider embarassing... I suppose I am embarrassed/ashamed of the fact that I don't like to eat seafood.

In my defense, I do try seafood when I have the stomach for it... me in Hong Kong 2005

e. Key Lime Pie! I'm joking, we had way too much Key Lime Pie and now my in-laws never have the appetitie for it.

I tag...

April because she makes smoothies a staple

The 3 Nomads because they teach their kid to boogie down to Cyndi Lauper

La Fuji Mama because she owes me a slot in her next travel itinerary

Terica because she got me into this blogging mess


  1. I was just sitting down to read your post all relaxed until...I got tagged! I have never been tagged before. I have to admit it feels a bit like those emails that say send this email off to 5 other people, etc. I did that one time in elementary school (send 5 letters with $1.00 and you will get $20.00) and I never got anything back :( I am a bit sceptical, but I will give it a try, just because I love ya.

  2. Since you're so good at this tagging thing, I tagged you with another one on my blog. In my defense, I did this before I saw that you had been tagged by someone else. It's a really quick one though. You KNOW you love me Jackie kit-Chan! :)

  3. Hah-ey, you're supposed to list the people you want to invite to dinner . . . Darn, tempered woman got the best of me!!!! ;) Meme wars. (huffs off to do what she's really supposed to be doing)

  4. I forgot about that! Ok, I owe you another post then... but gotta get working on my dinner for tonite...


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