Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ok now we are doing book tags?

What?!?! Book Tags. Ok but this is my last one! Thanks a whole heap, Linz...

Rules: Pick up the nearest book.

Turn to page 123

Post the fifth sentence
"Septimus stood and heaved his backpack over his shoulders"

Ok, ya, really intense here. Little did you know this is in the midst of dragon boats and Darkenesse. But of course, he has to heave a backpack on page 123, sentence 5. I am on the edge of my seat!

But it is a good book so I am not making fun of it.

Tag 5 friends.

April (again because she is bound to be surrounded by books right now)
Aislin who should write a book someday
Summer because she reads and runs but probably doesn't read about running
Kara who made cakes to make me laugh in bookgroup
Bunna (or is it Biff?) who writes funny prank emails


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