Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome Emily!

Today we made dinner and FHE treat and took them to Neal's sister, Millie, who just had a baby on Feb. 22nd. So today's blog is in honor of Emily Elizabeth George, our new beautiful niece. She doesn't quite resemble the story character in looks but I'm sure she will be just as sweet. Congrats George family! We are excited to get to know her!

Emily Elizabeth George
born Friday February 22nd
almost didn't make it to the hospital!

We are so lucky to be closeby and we went to visit her the day after she was born. Here we are, lucky cousin, uncle, and auntie!

I can't wait until I am over this cold so I can hold her again. It is amazing how quickly I have forgotton how tiny the newbies are! Aedan is facinated by his new baby cousin and likes to look at all of her tiny features up close and hands on (yikes). I was just thinking the other day that Aedan seemed to have made a sudden switch from baby to toddler and although he still has his baby moments, he definitely isn't a baby anymore. I suppose it isn't official until he is potty trained (coming up on the horizon) but he is now a 20 month old and full of spunk. Hopefully he will have lots of opportunities to play with the cousins that are closeby before we end up leaving this place (this horizon seems barely visible at the time being).

And a random addition to this blog, my friend Kristy emailed this chain letter to me and while I always feel awkward passing them on, I have no problem posting it here:

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1) cherry picker
2) an asian extra on the set of Touched by an Angel (greatest 2 days of my working career - got paid to eat their food and do nothing as they didn't end up using me although they used just about everyone else in my family...)
3) teaching piano
4) lab technician at Isotech Laboratories, Inc. (although I got paid to do work and eat their food, I sure enjoyed it there, except for my ping pong injury

Four movies I've watched more than once:
1) Cool As Ice (betcha didn't know Vanilla Ice did a movie? 80s movie nite rocks!)
2) Lord of the Rings (plus the easter eggs...teehee)
3) Sesame Street's Counting With Numbers (not by choice)
4) Hudsucker Proxy

Four T.V. Shows that I regularly watch(ed):
1) 24
2) Lost
3) Heroes
4) The Office
*ok, truth be told, most of these I rented the season discs and did some major catch up.

Four places I have been: (in the last year)
1) Victoria, Canada, eh
2) Disney World!!!
3) Detroit
4) Boiling Springs, SC

People who e-mail me (regularly):
1) my mama
2) my mama-in-law
3) Denise Fulton (Stake Primary Sec.)
4) Southwest Airlines

Four of my favorite foods:
1) Indian curries!! Mmmm, naan and lassi!
2) salads
3) Chinese food, actually maybe I shoulda said that one first...
4) currently, Girl Scout Cookie Carmel Delites (so stupid they changed the name from Samoas)

Four places I would rather be right now:
1) Hawaii (what is with the freezing rain right now?)
2) In the other room with my hubbie and kid who are reading stories now
3) Bahamas
4) camping

Things I am looking forward to this year:
1) New nieces and nephews!
2) the possibility of Neal finishing school
3) growing herbs in the back yard
4) taking Aedan blueberry picking

Four Pallbearers you would choose
1) oh boy, I don't know about this one... my four grandsons that I will hopefully have? The problem with picking celebs is that most/all of my favorites are older than me and I hope that I don't die before they do. Does that sound insensitive?

Four things you hate
1) when people leave the plastic ring thing on the milk jug
2) the word 'moist'. 'plush' is a close second
3) being late
4) seafood although I am getting better. I cooked salmon last year and I have tuna I intend to use.

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