Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oliver! Oliver!

Yesterday we attempted to watch the movie-musical Oliver and it had been a long time since we both had seen it so we popped it in and watched. We were a little confused for a while until we got to the end only to realize that the disc was double sided and we started on the last half of the show. After that we didn't feel like watching the first half because hey, the ending was spoiled for us. Oh well.

We told Aedan before watching the movie that we were going to see Oliver on the tv and he got so excited because he thought he was going to see his uncle 'Oviler' again. My brother Oliver and his cute pregnant wife Priscilla visited us last week for a few days during their school break and we had a good time with them. We took them up to Springfield, IL to go to the Lincoln Presidential Museum and for those who haven't been or who aren't the typical 'museum' person, this museum is for you. They have a few shows with some special effects (no spoilers here) and some pretty neat exhibits. They have a play area for younger museum goers and, well, see for yourself, you decide where most of our time was spent.

Here is Aedan debating with Stephen Douglas

The museum has a little play area with a bunch of old fashioned toys and dress up things. Gotta love the Lincoln logs.

Neal, Oliver, and Priscilla try out some of the wooden toys.

They had a replica of the Lincoln Mansion and Aedan spent a lot of time playing with it (yes he enjoyed the dolls and the dollhouse...)

Aedan dresses up as Abe Lincoln

Aedan got pretty good at this

After the museum we took a trip to our favorite BBQ place, Corky's bbq. They are rated #1 bbq in Memphis and we were first introduced to it by our friends Nathan and Rachael. We had so much food and the ribs were especially good that night!

Well thank you Oli and Pris for visiting us! We can't wait to hear the gender of baby Welch in a few weeks!


  1. Jackie! I am cracking up- I have been fiddling with my blogs all evening and I found yours via the Cordovas- and voila- you used the exact Shabby Princess patterns that I was fiddling with. Very funny- great minds and all that. Don't worry, I couldn't get mine to work- so I had to go back to a template. How did you do this? It looks fabulous! (I'll use a different pattern if you tell me...)

  2. That is pretty funny! I don't mind if you use the same ones at all - hey they are free and cute. I plan on switching every now and then so the chances of overlap are pretty good so you go ahead, yours will probably end up cuter anyhow. I created mine in ms powerpoint and saved it as a jpeg image although if you have the fancy software, photoshop elements, etc, then you can do it there too. For the background, that takes some light editing in html but a quick google search should show you how.
    Let me know if this helps or if you want help with this. After all, we are neighbors :)

  3. oops, i meant "lite editing" but you probably understood. spell/grammer checks have a hayday with me.


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