Thursday, April 24, 2008

Aedan Talk

There it are! (he frequently gets mixed up between 'are' and 'is')

Aedan and the glasses on the knees (basically this means that my glasses are on my knees)

No-no Jesus! (this is what he said in comment to a picture of the crucified Jesus Christ on the cross)

Neal-daddy/Dale-daddy (Aedan is getting kind of confused between his daddy and his daddy's twin brother)

Danger Angelique, Danger! (he learned this from his friend Angelique's mommy who says this to get Angelique to stop what she is doing because it is dangerous)

Oh, I found it! Here mommy! (he uses this when he wants something, for example, Oh! I found these cookies on the counter, I will share one with you mommy so that I can have one too!)

No Mine! Share! (it seems he doesn't quite understand that sharing is a two-way act...)


  1. Those are sure darn cute! I wonder if Bethany got that quote from the "Lost in Space" robot?? :)

  2. That is so funny! I can't believe that he remembers that I say that. It must be rather traumatic..hmm maybe I should think of a new phrase :)

  3. I think using the word Danger is great - in fact, he points out several things to me that are "dangers" but unlike Gigi, he doesn't stop even if I use the word. But he is more aware now so thanks for teaching him that!

  4. Haha! Too cute! I love the things little kids say!


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