Friday, April 25, 2008

So Long, Farewell

Yesterday I drove back from SC (with Aedan of course) and today was spent trying to get our normal routine back. Luckily enough, we had an uneventful drive back home, we even stopped in Metropolis again because they have a kid-friendly rest stop (turns out there is a fort there called Fort Massac).

Aedan is already missing all of his cousins! We got pictures of everyone except the mommy but I suppose she wouldn't appreciate me posting post-delivery pics anyway (although she is so slender you wouldn't even know she just had a baby).

Aedan and his uncle/Neal's twin brother. Aedan could tell the difference between the two but decided he had two daddies. It sure helps that they look a lot a like because Aedan feels instantly comfortable around his uncle and didn't feel so "Neal-daddy" deprived while we were away.

Aedan loved being in the middle of all the fun when the cousins were around!

Aedan had some good fun with his cousin S, who is the same age. They enjoyed playing cars near the water fountain, and trains at home. They kind of had their own form of communication going and often times would end up giggling at each other's silliness. They acted like brothers in many ways - they sure had their fair share of fights too.

But in the end they found ways to enjoy one others company! Aedan took a look at this picture and said "Oh, is Aedan and the bi-ge-so (bicycle)"

The little one came home on Wednesday and became curious enough to open his eyes for an extended period of time. When they came home he had this look of wide-eyed amazement at all the new sounds, sights, strange movement. It was too cute and I didn't get a chance to get a picture so I am posting this one, courtesy of Uncle D.

I had a few ask exactly why I went all the way out to SC to help out my in-laws who just had their baby so I thought I would clarify. They induced labor because the baby was not gaining weight properly and they suspected that he had the Dandy Walker Syndrome with some excess fluid at the back of his brain which turned out to be true. He was born about a few weeks to a month early. He stayed in the NICU for 8 days during which the neurologist decided to postpone a surgery (put a shunt in and drain fluid) until it becomes more apparent that surgery is necessary.

Meanwhile, they have 3 other kids, with one in school, and mom had to go back and forth to the hospital multiple times a day and was not allowed to take the kids into the NICU unless it was within a certain time slot over the weekend. So more or less I was there to help watch the kids, I did some cleaning, and some cooking where I had the challenge of finding meals to make while excluding all dairy/peanuts/eggs for allergy reasons. For a time we had myself and my mother-in-law to help and it seemed like it took the both of us to fill one person's shoes but we managed ok. If anything it helped me appreciate my sister-in-law for what she does on a daily basis!

We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to help and to spend some time with the family. We will miss them all!


  1. Wow Richard still has the allergies. That is rough. When I was at my sisters I was trying to make brownies for my sister minus any eggs, dairy, or soy...really not that easy so I get where you are coming from on the challenge for making meals for allergies. I'm really grateful so far we just have to avoid cats...although it can make vacations to family a bit awkward. Even though they know Jason is allergic and has been his whole life they sometimes still get offended when his eyes start to water, he starts sneezing, and he has to go outside :)

  2. Fun pictures! I'm glad the baby is home and doing better :) You are an awesome sister-in-law to go help out, and I'm sure the kids loved seeing Aedan!

  3. I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. you are pretty awesome for helping out and I can only imagine how intimidating it would be suddenly having 4 kids to watch full time...whew!


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