Thursday, April 3, 2008

"I've heard that it's possible to grow up ..."

"... I've just never met anyone who's actually done it" - Merideth Grey.

I was thinking about child psychology the other day and had to laugh in my mind at the fact that it is not too far off from adult psychology... Ok so that may be a huge overstatement and while I have very little experience in this field, I felt that that connection is true to a certain extent. Here are some examples I see on a frequent basis:

If I stand up on a high place so that I can look down on everybody else, I must address them all. The louder the better.

Adult: We actually have a name for that, a soap box.

Child: This is mine. That is mine. That thing you are holding there, ya, that is mine too. That thing that I didn't want a second ago and now you are playing with it, yep, it is mine too. And I want it back. No, I won't say 'please'.

Do you remember labelling your food when you roomed with 5 other people and shared only one refrigerator? Or even better, have you ever worked in a cubicle environment where desk supplies had a tendency to "travel"?

: Food is ok to eat but it is a shame to put such aerodynamic material to such a waste. Besides, it looks better on the wall.

Adult: Fruity scratch-n-sniff wallpaper?!?

Child: This doesn't look like food. I wonder what it will taste like. Yuck, I didn't like that! I wonder how it will taste if I lick it again....

Adult: I used to think this about McDonalds. I guess they are trying to go healthy now...

Child: Dancing is not meant to be done within the confines of the home. It is an art to be performed freely, at any given instance, in any given shopping cart, sacrament meeting, or bathroom stall. The same goes for boisterous singing.

Adult: Better yet, post it on the internet for anyone to see. A recent funny/amazing song Neal's bro (Azkitchen) found and a favorite of mine that I found ages ago, the evolution of dance.

And it is so fun to see the difference between boy and girl at an early age. I am switching from YouTube to Google Video so the following video is a test for all to enjoy. Here is Aedan playing with his friend Gigi, this was taken Feb 29th. Gigi is so lady like in her play and Aedan, well, ... we are still working on the gentlemanly behavior. Excuse the little no-pants man - just one of those days...


  1. He has the most hilarious facial expressions! I have heard over and over again that boys are actually easier than girls, though- so something to remember on those hard days (we have plenty, ourselves).

  2. Oh, I love the comparative psychology. Yep. That's mine!

  3. I love the expressions on Aedan's face! They are precious :) and yes, we are coming to IL in a couple of months and will bring the ravioli press! You can get them in specialty kitchen stores for about $20. You are brave to have made ravioli without them!

  4. Hi Jackie! Surprise! Sydney the daughter told me about your blog, so I checked it out. What a creative woman you are! I LOVE Aedan's "off to the races" ride on the rocking horse. He will definitely be a fine musician. His whole body kept time to the beat :-)

  5. I need to look for those ravioli presses! I'm excited to see you soon (you too sydney)!


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