Friday, May 30, 2008

Are people really getting paid to write this stuff?

Aedan and I went to a local bookstore this morning. I love some of the bookstores around here because they have a fun children section, many will have a full train table, much to the delight of Aedan. I like looking around to see what catches my eye. Today two books gave me a chuckle, even before picking them up. I didn't buy these and I'm not recommending you do. I just got a kick out of them...

The Art of the Bonsai Potato - yes, procrastination is becoming an art now. I never go through a whole bag of potatoes fast enough to save them from sprouting just a little but now I have my excuse. They advertise it by saying "it's Zen - without the wait!" I think if you are in a big rush for Zen then that is defeating the purpose, but that's just me... I really like that they go as far as to say that with a Bonsai Potato, you can reach the same level of inner peace and tranquility as what a monk could get after a lifetime of effort. That is a lot of power packed into a little spud if you ask me!

So I saw my name on this one and I just had to stop. WWJD? or rather, What Would Jackie Do? Of course it is another Jackie O book but it shares her secrets to social success. So the next time when you are contemplating publicly criticizing your enemies, or trying to decide how to use flattery to your best advantage, you may want to ask yourself WWJD? I am not sure I will ever get to this one but it is too bad how they used this particular acronym for their book. It is not like I was overly fond of the sudden popularity of WWJD on vinyl car stickers or jewelry and it wasn't like it made me really think What Would Jesus Do, but there is no way Jackie replaces Jesus. Come on. It might be a funny read though...


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  2. Jackie,

    Your blog is more entertaining than The Daily Show!

    We just finished Princess A's weekly Aeden TV session (she is always inspired to dance by his hip-hop performance), and I just got a great idea for the MM party!

  3. I love the Bonsai Potato. And even more, I love your comments about the BP.


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