Sunday, June 1, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Neal's sister A! We had a wonderful day starting out with her baby girl's baby blessing and then a birthday dinner. I haven't quite posted about the new babe as I haven't had an opportunity to hold her - you would think that living so close I would have by now but every time I see her she is either away sleeping, or I am off in a rush, or there is loads of family around (which is good), or other such silliness. But hopefully soon...

Anyways, I wonder if Neal and I would have ever even dated if it hadn't been for his sister. She gave him the gentle nudge it took to get him to realize that he should ask me out and so I am ever so grateful to her! She is a terrific mother first and foremost, an inspiration in the kitchen, a woman with an eye for art, and a hip aunt/sis/sis-in-law! We love you!

Neal's youngest sister A and her son A, pic taken Mar 2008 at the Orpheum Children's Science Museum.


  1. Thanks, Jackie! You ROCK! :)

  2. She is a talented, classy, incredible person!

  3. You've sure had a lot of birthdays to celebrate lately!


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