Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Wishes Part 1

Happy Birthday to Neal's twin and Aedan's uncle D! (He was the first of the two born so I'll give him his post first...) Aside from their missions, these past few years have been the only time these twins have lived far away from each other. They are both a lot of fun to be with individually but when you get them together they become a little bit more mischievious and they play off of one another's energy (I imagined it is toned down considerably from when they were little). Neal recently made the comment that D was the instigator for a lot of mischief as they were growing up and I am having a hard time believing that it wasn't the other way around...
Neal and Aedan, D and baby S on Princeton campus, Sept. 06

When all is said and done, they do bring out some of the better qualities in each other. I am grateful to D, as the first of the two to become a married man and daddy, who has been a wonderful example to his twin in these areas - much 'fathering' I see in Neal I can tell has hints of his brother D and trust me when I say that is a good thing.

D and baby S, Neal and Aedan at Washington's Crossing, Sept. 2006
I am glad Neal has his twin brother D and we wouldn't have it any other way! We miss him and hope he had a Happy Birthday!


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