Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Wishes part 2

Happy Birthday to my best friend and my wonderful husband Neal!  Aedan says, "Happa Birday to daddy!"  (I hope he doesn't mind if I reuse the same format I did for Aedan's birthday)   I love the fact that Neal is very good with kids of all ages - he has a talent for connecting with them and having fun with them and I think it is quite obvious to others as well which is why he has been in various Primary callings and taught early morning Seminary for a couple years.  Sometimes I think he is just 'one of the kids' the way he gets down, rolls around, and helps them make the messes, just like all kids should! 

I love how he forgets the lyrics to many a song - sometimes he does it on purpose, adding in his own words.  I love the fact that he thinks that he needs to ask me, "Which shirt goes better with these pants?" because if he really thought about it, he would realize that he is much more aware of things like that than I am and if he noticed the everyday so-so clothes I dress myself in he wouldn't ask in the first place.  All said and done, it makes me feel needed!  Oh, I love how he has got me saying 'all said and done' too much.

I love the fact that even though I detest country music and he hardly ever listens to it now, he still is curious about new Tim McGraw CDs (yes I saw you peeking at them).  I love the dance moves that belong only to Neal (sort of a mix between country and hip hop if you can imagine). 

I love that when he is frustrated with himself he shouts, "Oh, Neal!"  I love how he is a memory bank for numbers and stats.  It comes in handy every once in a while.  I love that he is a "neat freak" - he makes it so I don't feel like I'm cleaning up after two boys in the house instead of one.  He is so good to be patient with me and my messy days. 

I love that he is my dishwasher (poor boy, if you know how much I love to cook than you would pity him). I love that he is happy to let me do the cooking too!  And I love that he is not a picky eater and he eats everything and anything, even my burnt food. 

I love love love Neal and am so glad he is my hubby and Aedan's favorite pal! Happy Birthday Neal-daddy!

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