Monday, June 2, 2008

Farm Fun

My lack of posting is due, in part, to all the many events going on (parties and there's no end in sight this month...) but mostly I've been busy making a new layout for the blog. Nothing special, I just get bored of my layouts after about a month. Anway...

Last week was the opening week of Prairie Farms which is a farm-petting zoo of sorts. We were excited to return after a long winter break and we were even more excited to go with 2 of the 3 Nomads.

Stroke a goat's coat

Last year they had fawns but maybe they aren't born yet..? The deer were very gentle.

One of their favorite stops was to watch the ducklings and goslings swimming in their pool.

These two have so much fun together!


  1. cute new layout!! We have a similar farm out here where you can pet the animals - it is so much fun!!

  2. Fabulous new layout. I followed your directions, made a cool one and then . . . it did weird things. So I tried again. Repeat. Grr.

  3. chou - anything I can help you with? It can be very frustrating.


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